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Content posted in May 2017
New Audio Technology to “Rock” Karaoke App World in China
Andrew Bothwell  
5/30/2017   Post a comment
How New Ultra-Low Latency Audio Paths for Android Will Improve KTV Apps
When a Sensor Is Truly In “The Twilight Zone”
Analog Angle  
5/28/2017   2 comments
If you are capturing individual photons which represent encoded data, is that an analog or digital domain?
Gravitational waves: A new field for electronics, Part 3
Busy Blogger  
5/27/2017   2 comments
The discovery of gravitational waves is a confirmation of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity which accurately explains the structure of the universe
Lessons from the trash can.
Victor Lorenzo  
5/25/2017   12 comments
The Mercedes-Benz of batteries
Steve Taranovich  
5/22/2017   5 comments
Sponsored--Arrow Ships Free: A Nod to Commercial Pressure?
Steve Taranovich  
5/16/2017   Post a comment
New Arrow promo offers automatic free overnight shipping on $20 or more of in-stock components.
The Engineering future on planet Earth: Young Tech minds at work
Steve Taranovich  
5/15/2017   1 comment
I recently had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Arizona State University (ASU) Engineering Polytechnic School Innovation Showcase at the Mesa, AZ campus.
A Look Back at Two Weeks of FIRST
Jonathan Harris  
5/15/2017   Post a comment
PWM Pulse Width Modulation; Basics and Some Advanced Concepts
Scott Deuty  
5/10/2017   4 comments
Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is a basic concept that is employed in many areas of electronics.
Point Contact Transistors: More to the Point
Steve Taranovich  
5/8/2017   3 comments
It is interesting to note that the first point contact transistor was created from the semiconductor germanium. Paper clips and razor blades were used to make the first transistor prototype
Noise: The Enemy of Every Circuit
Steve Taranovich  
5/6/2017   Post a comment
Using an oscilloscope, you can get a handle on the characteristics of noise. Once you identify noise, you can reduce it.
Lead-Lag Pole-Zero Frequency Compensators, Part 2: Dual Passive and Active Compensators
Dennis Feucht  
5/6/2017   Post a comment
Part 2 continues with pole-zero compensators of feedback loops and presents some methods not usually found in textbooks
Don’t Use the Resistor I Told You to Use
Harry Holt  
5/2/2017   5 comments
Automatically, we put equal impedances on both inputs of an op amp, as we were taught many years ago. This article explores why this rule of thumb came about and whether or not we should follow this practice.

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At the heart of a transceiver is usually a phase-locked-loop (PLL) synthesizer, which delivers a signal to downstream components such as mixers, filters and power amplifiers.
The steps we will look closely at are the fine leak and gross leak seal tests, external visual, and radiation latch-up tests
Recently, AEye, was demonstrating their LiDAR system at CES in Las Vegas. A man using his new $1,198 Sony camera found that his photographs were damaged after he took pictures of AEye’s LiDAR LASER scanning system
The e-car basic concept is represented by the role of the electronics technology in making the car more comfortable, safe and effectively interacting with the driver. The first characteristic, comfort, is nowadays being dramatically enhanced by the new solution known as Road Noise Control (acronym: RNC) that has been introduced by BOSE during the CES 2019 in Las Vegas
Early microcontrollers had fixed I/O. It may have been possible to connect one of several internal peripherals to the I/O pins, but those pins were restricted and there was never an option of conditioning those outputs
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