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Content posted in May 2019
The smart home: A powerful new application for electronics
Busy Blogger  
5/29/2019   3 comments
The smart home is a new trend representing a concept that is quickly developing with an enormous electronic technology content
The e-car: Electronics technology applied to sustainable mobility, Part 15
Busy Blogger  
5/29/2019   1 comment
Autonomous driving is progressively becoming an important part of the future developments of e-cars making them more intelligent and safe. The aim is to increase the comfort of e-car users and to protect and make the driver aware in case of physiological issues while driving
The e-car: Electronics technology applied to sustainable mobility, Part 14
Busy Blogger  
5/29/2019   1 comment
The e-car is progressively evolving toward autonomous driving systems which can help the driver. In many cases this may help in dangerous situations like drowsiness or distress, being able to take control of the vehicle and to handle these kinds of situations.
Signal Chain Basics #148: Understanding the impact of offsets in fully differential amplifier circuits
Signal Chain Basics  
5/29/2019   3 comments
Most voltage amplifier circuit offsets are a result of the amplifier’s input voltage offset, input bias current and input offset currents.
Goodbye, Erlang; Hello, Gbps/km2/MHz
Analog Angle  
5/28/2019   Post a comment
As technology evolves and advances, long-established parameters may no longer be relevant or useful, and new ones take their place.
What to do about analog inaccuracies?
Analog Angle  
5/25/2019   2 comments
Analog circuits inherently have some inaccuracies; if these exceed the allowable specification, there are three general strategies to dealing with them.
Buenos Notches! The Filter Wizard versus the vuvuzela
The Filter Wizard Remastered  
5/24/2019   Post a comment
Removing the vuvuzela narrow-band noise was presenting challenges to broadcast engineers
How to Regulate a Power Supply from a Wide Voltage Range
Xiuge Yang  
5/24/2019   Post a comment
This article discusses how using a single synchronous buck controller can output the most common voltage rails, and accommodate a wide range of operating input voltages from 3V to 40V, and at a reasonable BOM cost.
SiC switches in electric vehicles - will they dominate the drivetrain?
Dr. Anup Bhalla  
5/22/2019   Post a comment
This article explains how the latest-generation SiC FETs are ideally suited to new inverter designs with lower losses than IGBTs and proven robustness against short circuits, even at high temperatures and under repetitive stress
Filter Design using the "Million Monkeys Method"
The Filter Wizard Remastered  
5/18/2019   Post a comment
There’s a further cool thing you can do with a spreadsheet that most SPICEs can’t. That’s to use the spreadsheet ‘solver’ functionality to adjust component values in the search for a better-fitting circuit – or even to find a set of component values for a circuit you can’t otherwise design.
MOSFETs embedded into PC boards
Steve Taranovich  
5/18/2019   2 comments
Infineon MOSFETs have been embedded into PC boards by Schweizer Electronic AG
Simulate Circuits in a Spreadsheet with some 'Ladderal Thinking'
The Filter Wizard Remastered  
5/18/2019   1 comment
You now need to adjust component values to achieve some system goal, such as predefined frequency response or time behaviour, and there’s no closed method for working out those values.
Aircraft: Angle of Attack (A0A) Sensor design
Steve Taranovich  
5/15/2019   16 comments
As a member of the electronics design community, I am angry and disappointed with the recent deaths of 346 people due to the Boeing MAX 8 design
GaN transistors address data center and telecom server power requirements
Dr. Gerald Deboy  
5/12/2019   Post a comment
The theoretical advantages of GaN-based power transistors are now being realized in mainstream system designs. Power supplies for data centers and telecom switching racks are two application areas where GaN transistors show significant improvement in comparison to systems using best-in-class Silicon-based Superjunction devices.
Flyback Converters Without Optocouplers: Existing Options
Frederik Dostal  
5/10/2019   Post a comment
There is a great deal written about isolation, but Frederik Dostal gives us a look at power supply isolation. Do you know which side of the galvanic isolation to put the controller? Should you use optocouplers or some other method? Find out here
Excel Tunes Up your Schematic Files
The Filter Wizard Remastered  
5/9/2019   2 comments
In previous posts I’ve talked about transferring spreadsheet-based circuit design “directly” to the lovely LTspice simulator, and a reader of The Filter Wizard was keen to understand exactly what “directly” actually meant, and to get some practical information on how to do it.
Discrete Difference Amplifier vs. an Integrated Solution
Steve Taranovich  
5/9/2019   Post a comment
Why Pay More for Less?
Automating Analog Layout
Keith Sabine  
5/8/2019   Post a comment
There has been vast progress over the last 30 years or so in digital layout automation, which has made it possible to develop complex digital ICs relatively quickly. However, for analog layout, techniques are still much the same as they were years ago.
Robots re-charge their own batteries
Steve Taranovich  
5/7/2019   Post a comment
Wireless robot or drone charging, when battery power is low, becomes a critical function, especially in an autonomous system
Improving a robot controller: Replacing tanh(x) with sin(arctan(x))
Steve Taranovich  
5/6/2019   2 comments
Most of us probably have never used the hyperbolic tangent function tanh(x) or the sin(arctan(x)) reference function since our university days. But these functions enable a kinematic controller. Kinematics determines the position and orientation movement of an end-effector on a robotic arm as a function of the joint coordinates.
Stability Issues and Resolutions for High Speed Fully Differential Amplifiers (FDAs), Insight #8
The Signal Sped Up  
5/1/2019   2 comments
The most recent VFA FDAs focus on lower power, precision, solutions more aimed at Successive Approximation Register (SAR) and delta sigma ADC support. Those will be focus in this FDA stability discussion - but the concepts are backward compatible to the earliest VFA FDAs.

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