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Content posted in June 2015
Yes, There is Such a Thing as First Harmonic Distortion
Kendall Castor-Perry  
6/30/2015   9 comments
Wait a minute. Let’s see if I understand this. (Here I’m channeling you, the puzzled reader, after you’ve grabbed me in the coffee break of a Filter Wizard lecture morning). The frequency of the nth harmonic of a sinusoid is n times that of the fundamental. The nth harmonic distortion is defined as the ratio of the amplitude of the nth harmonic to the amplitude of the fundamental. So the 1st harmonic distortion is… the ratio of the amplitude of the fundamental to the amplitude of the fundamental and that’s… unity. I. Do. Not. Understand.
Signal Chain Basics (Part 102): How to Implement an Active, DC-Coupled Broadband Balun with a Fully-Differential Amplifier
Signal Chain Basics  
6/30/2015   1 comment
Single-ended signals are very common, but increasingly signal paths are being converted to differential signals as part of the signal chain. The benefits of differential signaling are particularly appealing with low supply voltage systems and for driving analog-to-digital converters (ADCs).
Residential Demand Response: Water Heaters Get Connected
Paul Pickering  
6/30/2015   Post a comment
If you spend any time at all looking at alternative energy sources such as wind power and solar energy, you'll quickly discover one inconvenient truth: alternative energy production is both highly unpredictable and uncorrelated to energy demand.
“Oh How I Miss My Neighborhood Radio Shack Store”
Ronald Quan  
6/26/2015   3 comments
When Radio Shack announced that they were closing stores, unfortunately the one in Cupertino (De Anza Blvd.) was one of them.
S3 Group Integrated Radio IC for the Iridium and Iridium NEXT network
Steve Taranovich  
6/25/2015   5 comments
In 2009, Time Magazine called the Iridium global satellite program a tech failure. Motorola backed it for global satellite phone usage and filed for bankruptcy in 1999 after spending $5B to build and launch the infrastructure of satellites
Slideshow: imec Innovations in Wireless
Steve Taranovich  
6/23/2015   Post a comment
An imec slideshow of some of the pretty amazing technical accomplishments they bring to the electronics world via semiconductor process technology research and development
EMI Noise, Part 6: Novel Components for Suppressing EMI
Edgardo Menendez  
6/23/2015   Post a comment
To summarize this blog series upon its completion, electromagnetic interference (EMI) — which consists of a source, a path, and a victim — is a problem in electrical and electronic systems.
Will wood chips replace silicon chips?
Analog Angle  
6/23/2015   4 comments
Researchers have developed ICs which use a wood-based substrate rather than silicon or gallium arsenide; do their potential environmental benefits really matter?
EMI Noise, Part 5: EMI Suppression for Harsh Environments
Edgardo Menendez  
6/22/2015   1 comment
Components utilized in harsh environment applications are typically subjected to excess mechanical stress, extremely hot or cold temperatures, the increased potential for electrostatic discharge, and/or high levels of radiation.
Converter Performance: Don’t be ENOB-headed About It!
Kendall Castor-Perry  
6/22/2015   1 comment
Without doubt, ENOB (Effective Number Of Bits) has become a “thing” in analog-to-digital converter discourse. But I don’t like it. And I’ll tell you why.
"A Dynamic Title Will Attract Your Targeted Audience"
Scott Deuty  
6/19/2015   2 comments
My written material must attract the reader therefore I am obligated to produce a dynamic title as well as an attractive opening statement.
Courses We’ve Taken: Useful, and Not
Analog Angle  
6/18/2015   4 comments
The value of engineering-related courses varies considerably, and often the ones on the periphery of the core subjects turn out to be the most useful—even if that isn’t apparent at first.
DAC BASICS, Part 5: Settling Down the Impact of the DAC
Bonnie Baker  
6/16/2015   Post a comment
The DAC’s settling time characteristics are consistent across both topologies of R-2R and string DAC
The Annual Embedded Development Survey for Planet Analog engineers
Steve Taranovich  
6/15/2015   2 comments
Given that many of Planet Analog’s readers are also involved in embedded development, we bring you the Embedded Market study so that you will be aware of embedded developer concerns in this ever-evolving market as well as recent changes in processor size, latest choices for operating systems and more.
NASA’s CubeSat Revolution is Coming to Deep Space
Steve Taranovich  
6/15/2015   Post a comment
In 2016 NASA will launch a mission to Mars atop the powerful Atlas V rocket. It will consist of a stationary lander called Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport (InSight).
Differential-Amplifier Common-Mode Rejection Measurements, Part 1: Differential Amplifier CM Principles
Dennis Feucht  
6/13/2015   4 comments
Differential amplifiers ideally amplify only the voltage difference across their input terminals
Mystery Spur Explained: Don’t Blame the DDC!
Steve Taranovich  
6/12/2015   1 comment
I recently witnessed some “strange” behavior while evaluating the output spectrum one of your high-speed ADCs that incorporates a digital down converter (DDC) function. Can you explain the existence of a mystery spur?
Is Your Smartphone Tainted? The Struggle Against Conflict Minerals
Paul Pickering  
6/11/2015   2 comments
If you've seen the movie “Blood Diamond", you'll be acquainted with some of the issues surrounding raw materials from conflict areas. There is ample evidence that in a conflict zone, access of both sides to valuable commodities can prolong conflicts and lead to further suffering among the civilian population, the Democratic Republic of the Congo being the best-known current example
Power Integrity: Noise
Steve Taranovich  
6/9/2015   Post a comment
Power Integrity ensures that the power supply delivers the proper voltage and current to the load(s) on a circuit board or in an IC.
Puzzling Opto Circuit
Steve Taranovich  
6/8/2015   14 comments
Ray Koosha, EE at SAFT America, Inc. and one of our Analog Aficionados community, sent us this circuit he found on the internet with the following comments
Accurate Circuit Verification of Integrated Power Switches
Neal Baltz  
6/6/2015   Post a comment
Following up with circuit verification is an important step to ensure design integrity through parasitic extraction and final simulations.
Signal Chain Basics (Part 101) ENOB Degradation Analysis Over Frequency Due to Jitter
Signal Chain Basics  
6/5/2015   3 comments
An analog-to-digital converter (ADC) sampling rate is determined by a clock signal that controls how often a voltage snapshot is taken for each conversion. However, clock signal timing isn’t perfect, having some type of jitter that becomes part of the overall ADC sampling rate jitter
IMS2015 Demo Details
Jonathan Harris  
6/3/2015   Post a comment
One of the questions that appeared on one of the IMS blog posts was about the details of the demonstration I had set up at the Analog Devices booth.
Application Notes are Helpful However Power Electronics Has Quirks that Require More In Depth Coverage
Scott Deuty  
6/2/2015   18 comments
In this blog I want to diverge from that topic. I am doing this because power electronics are physical circuits with quirks that result from the parasitics.
Optimal Step-Motor Control
Dennis Feucht  
6/1/2015   Post a comment
A previous article on step-motors berated open-loop stepping and the desperate methods used to avoid missed steps and acceleration limitations. This article outlines a path to simple step-motor control that avoids all these historic step-motor problems by using closed-loop phase control of the motor.

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