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Content posted in June 2017
Underwater Optical Links Make 5G Look Easy
Analog Angle  
6/28/2017   1 comment

If you think doing a wireless link is tough, try developing a moderate-speed, moderate-distance, reliable one for underwater communications.

DIY DashCam: Power challenges
Steve Taranovich  
6/27/2017   7 comments
As soon as I installed the Dashcam kit, all of my AM reception was wiped out by interference from the Dashcam DC-DC converter.
Is Single-Photon Microwave/RF the Next Big Thing?
Analog Angle  
6/27/2017   Post a comment

Why restrict single-photon links and experiments to just optical wavelengths, when there are possibilities for using them in the standard RF bands?

Demo Boards a Necessary Evil?
Scott Deuty  
6/21/2017   8 comments
First responders to get mmWave 5G development assistance from NYU WIRELESS and the University of Padova, Italy.
Steve Taranovich  
6/16/2017   Post a comment
NYU WIRELESS, University of Padova, and Austin’s Fire Department Ramp Up Project to Spread 5G Communication Technology to Ambulances, Robots, Autonomous Vehicles, and more.
A Digital Solution to the Challenges Posed by Digital Living
Robert Huntley  
6/14/2017   Post a comment
There are many ways energy consumption can be reduced in an electronic system, including redesigning circuits and components to do the same work from less energy, and reducing energy “losses” usually dissipated as heat.
The European SAINT project
Steve Taranovich  
6/12/2017   Post a comment
Radio Shack Store Closures: A Blow to Engineers and Hobbyists
Scott Deuty  
6/10/2017   4 comments
Recently Radio Shack closed many of its store fronts. This is a major blow for those of us who need quick solutions when building circuits.
The right way to design today’s base station RF transceiver ICs
Steve Taranovich  
6/6/2017   1 comment
Analog Devices is announcing today a solution for Small Cell and Massive MIMO systems that will be needed for the full deployment of a viable 5G ecosystem
Potentiometer Loading
Dennis Feucht  
6/5/2017   7 comments

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