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Content posted in July 2016
Juno Jokes and a challenge to our readers
Steve Taranovich  
7/30/2016   2 comments
I am challenging our Planet Analog audience to submit a Juno Joke that must be of somewhat technical nature but with a geeky, humorous slant
Energy is Always Conserved However It Is Not Always Logically Acquired
Scott Deuty  
7/29/2016   3 comments
The main subject of the blog is heating with firewood. Although it’s not directly related to analog engineering, I’ll think you’ll be able to identify with at least one engineer who fits the stereotype described within
What’s All This Noise Floor Stuff?
Scott Deuty  
7/29/2016   2 comments
A simple introduction shows what the noise floor principles are and how technology currently relies heavily on synchronizing to a noise-free clock
Passive radar/sonar changes analog circuits, processing
Analog Angle  
7/27/2016   2 comments
High-performance, passive radar and sonar systems offer enhanced stealth potential, but also place major demands on the analog sensor and front end channels, as well as the digital signal-processing algorithms.
Should the Population be Concerned About an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)?
Scott Deuty  
7/26/2016   8 comments
The reliance of society on electronics invokes fear in terms of what happens when an Electromagnetic Pulse, or EMP disables these electronics. This conversation came up recently.
Op Amp Circuitry Ultra-High-Precision Resistor Usage: Matching and Stability Importance
Victor Chertakovsky  
7/26/2016   1 comment
Some ideal operational amplifier (often op-amp or opamp) configurations assume that the feedback resistors exhibit perfect matching. In practice, resistor nonidealities can affect various circuit parameters such as common mode rejection ratio (CMRR), harmonic distortion, and stability.
We interrupt this program……. ADI and LTC to join together
Steve Taranovich  
7/26/2016   9 comments
Analog Devices and Linear Technology announced that they will combine.
Statistical simulations to replace corner simulations?
Brandt Braswell  
7/24/2016   1 comment
Will the designer no longer be able to run corner simulations with confidence - are statistical simulations the only viable option?
Go ASIC for Analog?
Analog Angle  
7/20/2016   2 comments
Analog ASICs offer an alternative that deserves serious consideration, despite the huge number of excellent, off-the-shelf analog ICs.
NASA Juno electronics study Jupiter: Gravity Science Experiment
Steve Taranovich  
7/19/2016   Post a comment
The Juno spacecraft now orbiting Jupiter has a suite of science instruments which will investigate the existence of a possible solid planetary core, map Jupiter’s intense magnetic field, measure the amount of water and ammonia in the deep atmosphere, and observe the planet’s auroras
The Calculator: An Important Engineering Tool
Dennis Feucht  
7/19/2016   11 comments
With the emergence of hand-sized computers, calculators have lost some of their former prominence, yet they continue to be a convenient and important engineering tool.
The HP15C returns as an iPhone app
Ken Coffman  
7/18/2016   4 comments
HP15C revisited
Short notes about lightning: Part 1
Victor Lorenzo  
7/18/2016   3 comments
For engineers and technicians, the event of changing occupation tends to come associated with the challenge of diving into new knowledge areas. Entering into the lightning research and protection world is one remarkable example.
Virtual Eval Through the Eyes of an ADC, Part 2
Jonathan Harris  
7/15/2016   Post a comment
Now that we’ve had a chance to learn a bit about the tool we will take a look at using Virtual Eval to predict the performance of the AD9680-500 which has integrated digital downconverters (DDCs) and will compare simulated data to measured data.
The i-Robot: A new approach to robotics to make our life easier and safer, Part 3
Busy Blogger  
7/9/2016   3 comments
Robots might make our daily life more comfortable by mean of the IOT technology that is further spreading all around the world taking to the creation of smart homes
i-Robot: A new approach to robotics to make our life easier and safer, Part 2
Busy Blogger  
7/9/2016   2 comments
A good example of this concept is a medical robot that is utilized by helping a doctor during a surgery.
eGaN Technology Reliability and Physics of Failure Blog #3
Chris Jakubiec  
7/9/2016   3 comments
In this installment we will examine the stress tests that EPC devices are subjected to prior to being considered qualified products
Common-Base Bypassing and How It Affects CB Frequency Response
Dennis Feucht  
7/8/2016   3 comments
The common-base (CB) BJT configuration is the second stage of cascode amplifiers. It is useful as a voltage translator to the high side of an amplifier with a large voltage range. This article addresses the question of how the RB, CB combination at the base node affects the frequency response.
Active Signal Characterization
Steven LeBoeuf, Ph.D.  
7/8/2016   1 comment
The accuracy of biometric wearables continues to get a great deal of attention, particularly related to the accuracy of optical heart rate monitors in consumer wearable devices today. There are many aspects to answering that question, but this post will focus on one of the most important aspects known as “active signal characterization”.
Time, Frequency, and Spatiotemporal Domains
Raj Nair  
7/6/2016   Post a comment
DVD is a key measure of chip power integrity, and requires careful inspection during chip design. It is a sign-off gating aspect of chip power delivery.
Danger, Will Robinson
Aubrey Kagan  
7/5/2016   15 comments

You think that rectification of a signal for power is a trivial matter. Beware, some people think they know, but what they know is dangerous. And that’s without hidden gotchas.

The i-Robot: A new approach to robotics to make our life easier and safer, Part 1
Busy Blogger  
7/2/2016   Post a comment
Electronics applied to the robotics is playing an important role in the didactical programs of many students of different countries
Signal Chain Basics #114: Estimate the effect of DC/DC supply ripple on a SAR ADC acquisition system
Signal Chain Basics  
7/1/2016   Post a comment
When designing circuits with precision analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), designers must carefully consider all sources of noise in the acquisition system, including noise injected through the power supplies.

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