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Content posted in July 2018
The loss of my friend and mentor Howard Skolnik
Steve Taranovich  
7/29/2018   3 comments
My good friend and Burr-Brown Analog mentor, Howard Skolnik passed away on Tuesday, July 24, 2018
Modeling Magnetics in SPICE
Scott Deuty  
7/27/2018   3 comments
Of all the components that go into a circuit, magnetics seem to have the most complexity in terms of several factors including construction, parasitics, linearity, and variations.
Automotive Ignition systems
Scott Deuty  
7/27/2018   Post a comment
Automotive ignitions systems have seen many transitions over the years. Historically, the designs have matured from a magneto to today’s coil-over-spark plug designs. The progression follows the emergence of solid state electronics as well as the phasing out of mechanical components in favor of electrical components.
GaN: The high frequency substrate suitable for 5G applications, Part 4
Busy Blogger  
7/26/2018   1 comment
Let’s consider LEDs built with GaN as a substrate
GaN: The high frequency substrate suitable for 5G applications, Part 3
Busy Blogger  
7/26/2018   1 comment
GaN (Gallium Nitride) material is quickly becoming a winning solution for all electronics applications that require high performances in terms of efficiency
Why All This Stringent Testing?
Jonathan Harris  
7/26/2018   2 comments
I’d like to take a step back from the details and specifics related to radiation testing and focus a bit on some of the reasons that advanced testing and screening is performed on space qualified products.
GaN: The high frequency substrate suitable for 5G applications, Part 2
Busy Blogger  
7/25/2018   2 comments
Utilizing GaN as a substrate for the design of high frequency power amplifiers leads to a higher efficiency in power management with a wider broadband
650 V SiC cascodes in a bridgeless totem pole circuit suit EV on-board chargers perfectly
Dr. Zhongda Li  
7/24/2018   Post a comment
Electric vehicle on-board chargers need to be highly efficient to minimize charging times and meet energy saving standards. Power factor correction also has to be implemented. The combination of a ‘bridgeless totem pole’ circuit and silicon carbide cascode switches gives peak performance with the possible added advantage of bi-directional power flow.
RF-sampling ADCs for multiband receivers
Signal Chain Basics  
7/24/2018   3 comments
High-speed data converters can now digitize or generate signals directly at radio frequencies (RFs), replacing traditional RF components such as mixers and local oscillators (LOs) with digital processing
Home on the Range: Getting Multiple Gain Ranges with Instrumentation Amplifiers
Steve Taranovich  
7/24/2018   1 comment
I have an instrumentation amplifier, but I need wider dynamic range than I can get with a single gain. Can I multiplex gain resistors to get programmable gain?
Remembering the Apollo LEM Moon landing
Steve Taranovich  
7/20/2018   3 comments
It was July 20, 1969 when Neil Armstrong became the first human to step foot on an extraterrestrial body---our Moon. Today is the 49th anniversary of that momentous event and we celebrate it in anticipation of next year’s 50th anniversary celebration
Formula E race and vehicle 2017/18 season
Steve Taranovich  
7/11/2018   2 comments
The following will familiarize you with the important points of the Formula E race and the images are of the Venturi Team drivers and the car that all teams are using
Seemingly Simple Circuits: Transresistance Amplifier, Part 2--Transimpedance Amplifier Dynamics
Dennis Feucht  
7/9/2018   2 comments
In Part 1, the op-amp was approximated from a single-pole, finite gain amplifier to an infinite-gain, single-pole op-amp, and the gain of the transresistance amplifier circuit, shown repeated below, was derived. In this Part 2 we look at the consequences.
CubeSats with advanced technology are ready for space exploration
Steve Taranovich  
7/7/2018   Post a comment
While visiting the Space Tech Expo in May in Pasadena, CA, I came across a group of companies displaying their technical achievements and solutions for Small Satellites known as CubeSats
Power inverters, batteries and Supercapacitors
Steve Taranovich  
7/5/2018   Post a comment
A supercapacitor boost technology called S-CAP BOOST designed for backup and peak power solutions to industrial and medical applications. This technology is based on the latest supercapacitor technology and combined with intelligent control and monitoring
DC-DC Converters Redefined With 'Micro Modules'
Rudy Ramos  
7/5/2018   Post a comment
DC-DC converters operate at all power levels and complexities. At some low levels it can make sense to design and ‘make it yourself,’ but at higher powers, a pre-assembled module becomes more cost-effective. New ‘micromodules’ shift that point to lower levels.
Stairstep Generator
Dennis Feucht  
7/2/2018   1 comment
This is a throw-together project using junk box parts that can be useful whenever an interesting-looking waveform is needed for a demonstration or for the beginnings of a video test generator or curve tracer.

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