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Content posted in August 2015
How to Increase Your Engineering Value in Just 20 Minutes a Day
Scott Deuty  
8/28/2015   5 comments
My goal is to increase your value in only twenty minutes a day.
Orion in the belly of the “Beast”
Steve Taranovich  
8/25/2015   5 comments
Just as in the biblical account of the prophet Jonah in the belly of the “Great Fish”, I witnessed today in the Yuma, AZ desert, Orion in the belly of a C-17 military aircraft, poised for a test of its parachutes at 35,000 feet
Analog Is More Important Than Digital – Scientific Proof
Paul Pickering  
8/24/2015   8 comments
My first job out of college was testing and debugging control loading systems on flight simulators for 747 and the "new" 767 airliners.
NASA’s new deputy administrator: Dava Newman from MIT
Steve Taranovich  
8/24/2015   1 comment
I think it is a real plus to have an experienced MIT professor as the agency’s second-in-charge. Dava Newman seems like a good technological innovator and should bring fresh new energy and ideas to NASA. As the former Apollo Program Professor of Aeronautics at MIT in Cambridge, she has expertise in multidisciplinary research that includes aerospace biomedical engineering.
SIGNAL CHAIN BASICS (Part 104): Understanding noise in ADCs
Signal Chain Basics  
8/24/2015   1 comment
As a data converter supplier, we are sometimes asked, which is our lowest noise analog-to-digital converter (ADC)?
Figure Of Merit Based Selection Criteria Is Not Always the Best Choice
Brandt Braswell  
8/24/2015   Post a comment
The fact that you’re reading this has sparked interest and I am sure you are wondering what this means or you have picked a position to either defend your beliefs or want a different opinion. So, let me say that this topic and what I say applies to choices of circuit blocks and or architectures for many different applications from analog to digital.
Space Center Houston slideshow: STEM on steroids
Steve Taranovich  
8/23/2015   Post a comment
I had the pleasure of visiting the Space Center after a visit to NASA Johnson Space Center for a behind-the-scenes view of Orion and the talented team at NASA behind the Deep Space endeavor. NASA is right next door to the Space Center Houston and fully supports their educational mission with loaner exhibits and technical support.
The top 8 best Blogs of Planet Analog: Oldies with Spunk
Steve Taranovich  
8/18/2015   8 comments
What was your favorite Planet Analog blog of all time?
Feedback Circuits and Two-Port Blocks, Part 1: From Circuits to Blocks with Ports
Dennis Feucht  
8/18/2015   Post a comment
What is hard about analyzing feedback circuits is the extraction from the circuit diagram of the simple block diagram found in active circuits and control textbooks.
Analog Devices Design Tools: ADIsimRF Part 2
Jonathan Harris  
8/18/2015   Post a comment
Before looking into the signal chain portion of the tool we began by looking at the calculator tool available in ADIsimRF.
Developing Prototype Circuits from Home: Part 1, Introduction
Scott Deuty  
8/16/2015   7 comments
The internet has made circuit development from home easier than ever before. This benefits engineers in a huge way by offering a venue for them to turn their ideas into physical working reality. Regardless of whether you are independent or employed by a company, there are many advantages to developing a prototype on your own.
Harvard's $400M Engineering Gift: Good News, Bad News, or Both?
Analog Angle  
8/14/2015   3 comments
Is this huge gift too much of a good thing, and concentrated in too small a space?
Flying Drones in all the wrong places
Steve Taranovich  
8/14/2015   11 comments
Drones are good for industry and the economy. It’s people who can use them for the wrong reasons. We need to address the operator, not the technology!
When off-the-shelf won’t do: Look what I found inside my filter! Part 3
Kendall Castor-Perry  
8/13/2015   Post a comment
Someone in the team speculated on whether we could build some sort of audio response equalizer into the system.
High speed Police pursuits: Technology needs to step in to save lives
Steve Taranovich  
8/11/2015   28 comments
Police departments around the country have advanced in many technologies over the last 15 years, but pursuit-termination devices have not kept up with those advances.
The Meetings Will Continue Until Morale Improves
Paul Pickering  
8/10/2015   2 comments
Ask any engineer about the biggest timewasters at work, and odds are meetings will be near the top of his or her list.
STEM on steroids shows hands-on engineering alive and well
Analog Angle  
8/9/2015   1 comment
Engineering is much more than just "coding", as the projects in the Texas Instruments college-level innovation challenge very clearly demonstrate
Ron Quan’s Electronics from the Ground Up: Learn by Hacking, Designing, and Inventing
Tim McCune  
8/5/2015   7 comments
Last summer, when a much-hoped-for mining industry internship for my son fell through, I looked around for something in addition to a job to occupy his time. With the help of friends, I cobbled together a basic electronics internship centering on some classic books from the 1970s and a couple of projects from friends at diyAudio
Voltage References Can Bite You, Too
Steve Taranovich  
8/5/2015   5 comments
There are three common unkindnesses which can cause your problem. Insufficient headroom, incorrect loading, and reversed output current. The first two are usually mentioned on the data sheet and should be easy to avoid, but the third is rarely mentioned and causes problems which may be hard to diagnose.
Hands Free: A Lifestyle Enabled by Engineers
Scott Deuty  
8/4/2015   5 comments
I thought it would make for an interesting subject to look back at the hands free revolution.
When off-the-shelf won’t do: the step-by-step birth of a custom digital filter, Part 2
Kendall Castor-Perry  
8/4/2015   Post a comment
Now, there’s much more to making a practical filter than just getting a transfer function that calculates out nicely.
Structural Versus Behavioral Device Models
Dennis Feucht  
8/4/2015   Post a comment
Newly-discovered physical principles are often the driving cause for the invention of new kinds of devices such as the transistor. It is one of the highlights in the history of electronics, and illustrates how device models develop in engineering and why they are often a key to technological advancement.

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