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Content posted in August 2017
Signal Chain Basics #127: Estimating the total noise in a SAR ADC acquisition system
Signal Chain Basics  
8/31/2017   Post a comment
In this article, I will discuss how to estimate the overall system noise for a successive-approximation-register (SAR) ADC acquisition system
Over-the-Air TV Broadcasts: Making a Comeback
Analog Angle  
8/29/2017   9 comments
Cable TV provides a high-quality signal at a price, but free broadcast TV is still available – and growing again with the increase in cord cutters.
LLC Power Conversion Explained, Part 3: Understanding transformers
Scott Deuty  
8/28/2017   Post a comment
Understanding transformers in LLC power conversion designs
LLC Power Conversion Explained, Part 2: Sine Wave from a Square Wave
Scott Deuty  
8/27/2017   Post a comment
This blog explains how to convert the square wave into a sine wave by using a low pass filter. A square wave can be created by adding the sum of the odd harmonics of a sine wave.
A NASA rover alternative to electronics on Venus where pressures crush and temperatures melt lead
Steve Taranovich  
8/26/2017   2 comments
I love electronics, but there may be some meaningful alternatives when applications have extreme conditions. Enter a ‘Steampunk’ Rover for Venus exploration.
Trust us, we are just enthusiasts of what we do
Victor Lorenzo  
8/20/2017   Post a comment
There are many stereotypes that popular culture attributes to people based on occupations, place of birth, sex or even hair color.
I missed Pythagorean Theorem Day
Steve Taranovich  
8/20/2017   8 comments
Voyagers 1 and 2: Forty Years and Still Going (Even If Not So Strong)
Analog Angle  
8/20/2017   3 comments
The Voyager 1 and 1 spacecraft just passed the 40-year mark and have left our solar system; a project of such success, longevity, and persistence is a testament to scientists and engineers across many disciplines.
Improving RF power amplifier efficiency: a key driver of the IoT and 5G
Rudy Ramos  
8/15/2017   Post a comment
In just a few years’ time, so many things about wireless communication will be different from the way we know them today
Smart Audio, Part 2
Edoardo Gallizio  
8/15/2017   1 comment
The smart audio approach taken to realize a new vision of voice-demand electronic systems
The Miller Effect, Part 4: The Inverse Miller-Effect Paradox
Dennis Feucht  
8/14/2017   Post a comment
There is a paradoxical “inverse Miller effect” that occurs in transistor amplifiers.
Learning Is Not Just for New Engineers
Jonathan Harris  
8/9/2017   5 comments
Blue Origin at Kennedy Space Center
Steve Taranovich  
8/4/2017   4 comments

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Recently, AEye, was demonstrating their LiDAR system at CES in Las Vegas. A man using his new $1,198 Sony camera found that his photographs were damaged after he took pictures of AEye’s LiDAR LASER scanning system
The e-car basic concept is represented by the role of the electronics technology in making the car more comfortable, safe and effectively interacting with the driver. The first characteristic, comfort, is nowadays being dramatically enhanced by the new solution known as Road Noise Control (acronym: RNC) that has been introduced by BOSE during the CES 2019 in Las Vegas
Early microcontrollers had fixed I/O. It may have been possible to connect one of several internal peripherals to the I/O pins, but those pins were restricted and there was never an option of conditioning those outputs
In the not too distant past, if you were seen holding a conversation with a household appliance, you might have run the risk of being committed.
The voltage regulator is a very important part of the power management and the placement of voltage regulator plays an important role in improving the performance.
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