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Content posted in August 2018
Analog Circuits Give Boost to STEM Reality
Analog Angle  
8/31/2018   Post a comment
Basic, all-analog circuitry can be probed and teach STEM students more than about engineering than just keyboard-based coding
The basics of op amp loop-stability analysis: A tale of twin loop-gains
Signal Chain Basics  
8/30/2018   5 comments
This article showcases the advantages of an op amp loop-stability analysis method that I use myself and recommend to others.
When Lightning Strikes, Will a Surge Protector Help?
Analog Angle  
8/28/2018   6 comments
Protecting your PC or similar against lightning-induced line transients should be a problem with several straightforward options as solutions, but it is not.
Propagation of the Autonomous vehicle technology and its epicentre
Garima Jain  
8/24/2018   7 comments
The question that we are faced with now is which industry autonomous car technology is going to hit first
SpaceX Crew Dragon astronaut: A chance meeting in the desert
Steve Taranovich  
8/23/2018   Post a comment
In August 2015, I was out in the Yuma, AZ desert watching a NASA Mars Orion Space capsule drop from a C-17 in a parachute test. Thatís when I first met NASA Astronaut Victor Glover
GaN: The high frequency substrate suitable for 5G applications, Part 7
Busy Blogger  
8/22/2018   1 comment
GaN can be to be combined with silicon to create ICs able to empower 5G communication technology
Space Mission Lifetimes
Jonathan Harris  
8/18/2018   Post a comment
Designs for space applications are commonly created with mission life expectations reaching 15 to 20 years and even longer in some cases
GaN: The high frequency substrate suitable for 5G applications, Part 6
Busy Blogger  
8/18/2018   1 comment
This blog series describes the utilization of GaN as a substrate for integrated circuits, utilized for 5G high frequency applications, to improve the efficiency of power amplifiers in 5G infrastructures
Current Shunt Resistor Inductance: It Matters
Jerry Steele  
8/16/2018   3 comments
In high frequency switched systems where you measure current with a shunt, you may observe problems such as excessive amplitude on sine wave current ripple, overshoots on square wave ripple or any rapid transition of current, or excessive high-frequency noise. These problems are due to current shunt inductance, which becomes more significant at lower values of shunt resistors
An Elegy for Moore's Law
Raj Nair  
8/15/2018   2 comments
The Jevons Paradox
Magnetics Design Chat: Part 2, Maximum Transfer Power Through Magnetics Components
Dennis Feucht  
8/15/2018   Post a comment
The basic limitations on magnetic cores
Optimized Power Supply Measurement Setup
Frederik Dostal  
8/11/2018   Post a comment
How can I make sure Iím testing my switching regulator as efficiently as possible?
GaN: The high frequency substrate suitable for 5G applications, Part 5
Busy Blogger  
8/10/2018   1 comment
This blog series is focused on GaN, a substrate for integrated circuits that shows exceptional performance in terms of wide frequency broadband especially suitable for very high-speed data transmission applications like the new 5G communication standard
Designing LiDAR and more into Autonomous E racing
Steve Taranovich  
8/9/2018   Post a comment
I think that ROBORACE is one of the most intriguing Motorsports I have ever seen for advancing the technology necessary for safe and practical electric vehicles. Its uniqueness is in the fact that their race cars are driverless as well as being electric.
Extracting Loop Gain and Phase Information from Simulation
Michael Steffes  
8/9/2018   7 comments
Modern high-speed op amps and Fully Differential Amplifiers (FDAs) push the limits in every direction to deliver the best harmonic distortion at the lowest quiescent power. This often leads to relatively low phase margin designs in what would normally appear to be benign application circuits.
Designing Drivers for Piezoelectric Motors
Rudy Ramos  
8/8/2018   1 comment
Piezoelectric motors are increasingly popular for linear motion, but the design of the accompanying drivers is very different from those used by traditional electromagnetic motors.
Magnetics Design Chat: Part 1, Optimal Design of Magnetics Components
Dennis Feucht  
8/6/2018   Post a comment
One of the seemingly most difficult aspects of power electronics is how to design power inductors and transformers.
Silicon Carbide Leads the Wide Band-Gap Revolution
Dr. Zhongda Li  
8/6/2018   Post a comment
Wide band-gap semiconductors such as GaN and SiC offer significant advantages over conventional silicon devices, for performance-critical power-conversion applications. Cost-effective, proven SiC products are on the market now, and ready to drop in as a straightforward upgrade
Building Out the Industrial IoT Vision
Suhel Dhanani  
8/3/2018   2 comments
Compared to the consumer IoT, the Industrial IoT can and will be a much more valuable and transformative change
Yes, Do Put Your Label on Me
Analog Angle  
8/1/2018   2 comments
Simple things like proper labeling of cables and additional annotation is an easy way to make a big difference in debugging of prototypes and pilot units.
Can Adding Noise Actually Improve System Performance?
Analog Angle  
8/1/2018   2 comments
Improving system performance: Add a small amount random noise to the signal being digitized; this is also called adding ďdither.

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