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Content posted in September 2008
It's all about adaptation
Analog Design  
9/26/2008   Post a comment
I admit to having paid too much attention to the financial headlines recently. Though naturally an optimist, even I am beginning to feel somewhat jaded by all the turmoil ...
Lost and found?
Analog Design  
9/18/2008   Post a comment
When I interviewed someone from the then emerging automotive navigation sector about five or so years ago, it didn't take a genius to see where the future of gps technology lay ...
A journey of discovery
Analog Design  
9/9/2008   Post a comment
On 10th September at around 9am CET, scientists at CERN, the world leading laboratory for particle physics, will begin to fire two opposing beams of subatomic particles at each other at speeds that will eventually reach close to the speed of light.
Uneasy about the Big Easy?
Analog Design  
9/2/2008   Post a comment
One of the things that struck me as most chilling about the last time that a hurricane visited destruction on New Orleans' was that there I was, several thousand miles away, aand I could find out arguably more about the scale of devastation and timeframe of likely rescue than the people stranded on their roofs ...

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Recently, AEye, was demonstrating their LiDAR system at CES in Las Vegas. A man using his new $1,198 Sony camera found that his photographs were damaged after he took pictures of AEye’s LiDAR LASER scanning system
The e-car basic concept is represented by the role of the electronics technology in making the car more comfortable, safe and effectively interacting with the driver. The first characteristic, comfort, is nowadays being dramatically enhanced by the new solution known as Road Noise Control (acronym: RNC) that has been introduced by BOSE during the CES 2019 in Las Vegas
Early microcontrollers had fixed I/O. It may have been possible to connect one of several internal peripherals to the I/O pins, but those pins were restricted and there was never an option of conditioning those outputs
In the not too distant past, if you were seen holding a conversation with a household appliance, you might have run the risk of being committed.
The voltage regulator is a very important part of the power management and the placement of voltage regulator plays an important role in improving the performance.
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