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Content posted in September 2015
Knowles wins microphone slots in iPhone 6S
Peter Clarke  
9/30/2015   4 comments
The list of components that make up the iPhone 6S is similar to that of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, according to a teardown of a unit performed by engineering consultants Chipworks.
Parasitics and Capacitor Selection, Part VIII: Voltage Coefficient for Class II Ceramic Capacitors
Chris Reynolds  
9/29/2015   Post a comment
General decoupling applications require capacitors with a combination of high capacitance and low reactance (i.e., low equivalent series resistance [ESR] and equivalent series inductance [ESL]) in the circuit. The trend in digital applications for greater data throughput at higher speed is being met by lower voltage logic operating at increasing switching speeds.
Common-mode voltage for industrial transceivers
Signal Chain Basics  
9/29/2015   1 comment
Most differential field bus technologies, like CAN and RS485, specify a parameter called common-mode voltage. Common-mode voltage refers to the range of bus input voltages, with respect to the transceiver’s ground, within which the transceiver maintains consistent input receiver thresholds.
Filters brought joy to my vacation!
Kendall Castor-Perry  
9/26/2015   3 comments
There’s been a quiet revolution in the technology behind 3D projection systems in the last few years, and filters have played a big part in this.
A Planet Analog Exclusive look at the NASA Orion team
Steve Taranovich  
9/25/2015   6 comments
On July 7, 2015 I was privileged to have the opportunity to tour the NASA Orion Deep Space program and meet some key team members at Johnson Space Center in Houston.
VW emissions debacle reminds us to do sanity check on results
Analog Angle  
9/25/2015   3 comments
The deliberate deceit that VW employed for their diesel vehicles is part of a larger concern: how do we know that our sophisticated, complex data-analysis programs actually yield legitimate results?
Analog Devices Design Tools: ADIsimRF Part 3
Jonathan Harris  
9/24/2015   2 comments
The ADIsimRF tool has many different calculation possibilities which are very nice to have on the hand. These can be useful when either in the lab collecting data or when working on a report in your office. The tool outputs are great to double check experimental results or to set expectations when about to take data.
Tom Fredericksen: Memories on the passing of another Silicon Valley original innovator
Steve Taranovich  
9/22/2015   4 comments
Memories of Tom Fredericksen, National Semiconductor
Mentors are Life Changing
Steve Taranovich  
9/22/2015   2 comments
Sanjaya Maniktala shared this life-changing and life-saving story with me and I thought our Planet Analog Audience would greatly benefit from his experience. I invite you, our readers, to please also share any mentor stories you may have with our audience as well.
I-Health: How intelligent electronics improve our quality of life, Part 1
Paolo Scalisi  
9/21/2015   2 comments
Smart electronics systems, whether worn on our wrist to help maintain a healthy lifestyle, used in our homes to adjust heating and cooling, or built into our car to assist driving, have already shown their ability to improve the quality of our lives.
Planet Analog Electronics book give-aways series
Steve Taranovich  
9/21/2015   26 comments
I am planning a series of excellent electronics text book give-aways on Planet Analog beginning right now. I will have one new give-away every two weeks. The lucky winner will be the person who has the most worthy comment regarding who should receive the book and why.
Assessing trends and peaks an ongoing challenge
Analog Angle  
9/18/2015   1 comment
Defining the threshold criteria for assessing device or system performance can sometimes be more difficult than the acquiring the real-world data you are investigating.
Next-Generation Packet Networks Need Advanced Network Synchronization Solutions
Steve Taranovich  
9/18/2015   1 comment
Customers are interested in implementing lower cost network synchronization solutions while transitioning to higher bandwidth packet network uplinks.
Lithium Ion battery storage is the reliable way to go for PV system success
Steve Taranovich  
9/15/2015   6 comments
An island does not have many choices for a viable source of energy like underwater power cables from the mainland or its own power generating plant, but some sort of fuel will need to be delivered by boat to power it. Renewable energy makes sense.
What’s the big deal about Resonant?
Fady Mishriki  
9/15/2015   2 comments
Wireless power has made significant advancements in the last few years with many inductive technologies becoming mainstream and widely available – notably Qi and PowerMat products.
Feedback Circuits and Two-Port Blocks, Part 3: Using Ports to Analyze Feedback Circuits
Dennis Feucht  
9/15/2015   Post a comment
In this third part, a feedback circuit example is used to illustrate how ports simplify feedback analysis.
All Aboard Energy-Efficient Rail Transportation
Mike Everett  
9/11/2015   3 comments
The blossoming rail market is an ideal application for capacitive energy storage, and America needs to get on board with energy efficient transportation.
Developing Prototype Circuits from Home: Part 3 Board Layout
Scott Deuty  
9/10/2015   Post a comment
In part 3, we work on the board layout using software chosen specifically because it translates easily from the Multisim schematic.
Why is my signal so distorted when I’m doing everything right (I think)?
Steve Taranovich  
9/3/2015   1 comment
High speed converters have made many performance gains over the years, particularly in linearity, and therefore distortion. But to realize the performance, you need clean signal sources. Every once in a while I get an inquiry about having a clean setup, but still not meeting the distortion specifications
3 IoT-Based Myths about Analog Electronics
Steve Taranovich  
9/2/2015   1 comment
The hype surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT) has been nothing short of monumental. The reality is that, by some estimates, only 4 percent of current IoT proposals will actually be of use once they come to fruition. Despite this disparity, the electronics industry is excited about those few products that will succeed and in turn be profitable
Planet Analog and EDN Electronics exclusive: Cree Announces Wolfspeed
Steve Taranovich  
9/2/2015   Post a comment
I spoke to John Palmour, Cree co-founder and CTO of its Power and RF business yesterday about the decision to put CREE’s Power and RF businesses under a new name. CREE announced in May that it would separate the businesses into a standalone company in anticipation of an upcoming IPO in 2016
Feedback Circuits and Two-Port Blocks, Part 2: Feedback Circuit Misconceptions
Dennis Feucht  
9/1/2015   Post a comment
Typical circuits textbooks tell us that there are four basic feedback topologies. The impression is given (if not stated) that a given feedback circuit will conform to one of these four topologies. This is misleading. One of the tasks of feedback analysis, it would seem, is to identify to which of the four basic topologies a given feedback circuit conforms. This article attempts to clarify and correct this misconception.
Developing Prototype Circuits from Home: Part 2, Schematic Capture
Scott Deuty  
9/1/2015   Post a comment
As you progress into developing a circuit from home, schematic capture is an important part of the process. However it requires a little forethought especially if you are planning to transfer the schematic to a board layout software.

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