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Content posted in September 2017
Hurricanes and Power distribution system architecture: Puerto Rico
Steve Taranovich  
9/22/2017   1 comment
It is so ironic that an IEEE paper was published in July of this year entitled ‘Hurricanes and Power System Reliability---The Effects of Individual Decisions and System-Level Hardening’
LLC Power Conversion Explained, Part 5: Explaining the Gain Equation
Scott Deuty  
9/21/2017   2 comments
After a four-part introduction, the LLC gain equation is finally introduced.
What is the Most Efficient Energy?
Steve Taranovich  
9/20/2017   1 comment
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants to reduce and ultimately eliminate pollution sources in order to prevent Earth’s environment from further damage.
LLC Power Conversion Explained, Part 4: Explaining the Operating Point and Various Modes of Operation
Scott Deuty  
9/19/2017   Post a comment
The LLC Resonant Power Converter is a very complex circuit. This blog is the fourth in a series of blogs that attempts to simplify the circuit in order to understand the basics.
Cable identification - there's more to it than meets the eye
Stephen Earley  
9/19/2017   4 comments
As a technician, if you're about to work on an electrical installation and are faced with an array of devices, terminations, cables and wires, how do you tell which is which?
NASA Cassini spacecraft crashes into Saturn: A failure or a calculated success?
Steve Taranovich  
9/18/2017   5 comments
After 20 years in the cold void of space, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft ran out of fuel and crashed into Saturn. This sounds like a very expensive failure by NASA----but it is NOT!, here’s why
A New Trilogy of LTSpice Circuits With NTC Thermistors, PART II: LTSpice Simulation of PID Temperature Control of a Peltier Thermoelectric Element With a NTC Thermistor
Alain Stas  
9/16/2017   Post a comment
Although it is common knowledge that their efficiency is poor, Peltier thermoelectric elements are considered the most versatile cooling elements; they are used in a wide range of applications, such as laser diode cooling systems or portable fridge coolers, as well as automotive thermoelectric generators.
Did We Teach China to Steal Technology?
Bob Frostholm  
9/14/2017   2 comments
There seems to be a new headline every week or so about some company in China selling a knock off copycat version of someone else’s product
Lessons from the trash can: Wrong power supply polarity.
Victor Lorenzo  
9/14/2017   3 comments
This time I will share a short story around what could probably be the most common mistake that waits out there for catching our fingers. This affair taught me more than one lesson, for this reason I have chosen to put it into context.
Pulling an All-Nighter
Jonathan Harris  
9/13/2017   4 comments
Do you recall those days in college when a project or assignment was due and you had to pull an all-nighter to get it finished by the due date?
The Shape of Electronics Expertise
Dennis Feucht  
9/11/2017   2 comments
As we progress in our acquisition of electronics skills, we occasionally reflect on the “shape” that our knowledge and skills are taking. This article is an overview of basic decisions that “sculpt” our know-how and some of the consequences of the shape of it.
Longing for the pure sport: Latest electronics technology in professional football and baseball
Steve Taranovich  
9/10/2017   3 comments
I am a purist when it comes to professional baseball and football as far as keeping the traditional fundamentals of these sports as they were originally created around 140 to 170 years ago.
Signal Chain Basics #128: Optimizing solenoid control with precision current measurement
Signal Chain Basics  
9/9/2017   6 comments
Beyond simple on/off use cases, you’ll find linear solenoids in many applications requiring precise linear motion and the regulation of pressure, fluid or air.
Rarely Asked Questions-Issue 144: Accelerometer Tilt Measure Over Temperature and in the Presence of Vibration
Chris Murphy  
9/7/2017   Post a comment
My consumer grade accelerometer can theoretically measure <1o of tilt. Will this still be possible over temperature and in the presence of vibration?
The e-health program, a new approach to health care, by utilizing electronic technology, Part 2
Busy Blogger  
9/6/2017   Post a comment
Electronics saving lives due to preventative medicine for heart ailments
NASA KSC Launch Control Complex (LCC): An Exclusive view on EDN and Planet Analog
Steve Taranovich  
9/4/2017   Post a comment
”We are go for launch----T-minus 30 seconds and counting…29….28….27….”
Sams Photofacts: A Needed Service Today
Dennis Feucht  
9/1/2017   2 comments
From a half century ago comes a “book” - or, more like a manual - one of a large set that became an electronics institution for decades: the Sams Photofacts

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