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Content posted in September 2018
ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP)---What's your Plan B?
Steve Taranovich  
9/30/2018   12 comments
An EMP is a high intensity electromagnetic pulse having broad frequency spectrum covering from low frequencies to the VHF and UHF bands. EMP is still a serious threat to the electronic systems and communication systems.
How do electronic systems react at high altitudes?
Steve Taranovich  
9/29/2018   4 comments
We recently had a question from an audience member on EDN regarding how cordless/battery-operated power tools might behave at higher altitudes.
ADI Standard Space Products Screening
Jonathan Harris  
9/27/2018   Post a comment
Space screening for the standard space product offerings which include products such as ADCs, DACs, comparators, amplifiers, voltage references, switches, isolators, regulators, and attenuators
SiC switches are the velociraptors of motor control - but where are they?
Dr. Anup Bhalla  
9/27/2018   Post a comment
Today, the market for medium and low voltage motors is over $20B and their associated electronic drives $13B
My Personal STEM Experiment
Analog Angle  
9/27/2018   1 comment
Itís hard to find viable, simple, tangible demonstrations of STEM-related concepts, but an old-fashioned Received Signal-Strength Indictor (RSSI) and TV provided one.
Is Graphene the Next Silicon?
Analog Angle  
9/27/2018   1 comment
Like Silicon, single-atom sheets of Carbon, known as Graphene, can be the base material for diverse innovations across multiple disciplines and applications.
Input and Output Voltage Range Issues for High Speed Amplifiers, Insight #1
The Signal Sped Up  
9/25/2018   Post a comment
Some years back, an excellent blog appeared on EDN stepping through common issues and questions surrounding lower speed Voltage Feedback Amplifiers (VFA). A wider discussion of the unique issues that come with higher speed op amps will be the intent here
GaN: The high frequency substrate suitable for 5G applications, Part 10
Busy Blogger  
9/22/2018   Post a comment
The semiconductor market is focusing on the possibility of combining GaN with other types of substrates to obtain an enhancement of performance in many industry segments
GaN: The high frequency substrate suitable for 5G applications, Part 9
Busy Blogger  
9/22/2018   Post a comment
The trend for communications infrastructures is to have an extremely high data rate and a latency near as much as possible to zero, the 5G protocol in particular requires a substrate able to work at high frequencies to ensure to reach this goal.
Are you ready for some 3D football?: Intel True View technology
Steve Taranovich  
9/22/2018   2 comments
For those football-lovers in our audience and especially the tech-oriented ones, get ready for an amazing TV experience of your favorite football team (I hope itís the Jets) created by Intel
GaN: The high frequency substrate suitable for 5G applications, Part 8
Busy Blogger  
9/21/2018   1 comment
There are many important companies operating in the electronics field that are massively investing in GaN technology
Understanding the Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)
Steve Taranovich  
9/16/2018   4 comments
The EMP is no more damaging than to the power grid than a lightning strike.
Designing new mmW RADAR ICs for optimum performance
Steve Taranovich  
9/16/2018   Post a comment
Letís take a look at some recent achievements in related mmW RADAR IC developments
Magnetics Design Chat, Part 3: Ripple Factor and Matching Magnetics to Circuit
Dennis Feucht  
9/15/2018   Post a comment
Continuing the chat from last time, we turn now to a circuit-related topic, that of current waveforms. The typical converter input waveform is shown with a static (dc) component and a ripple (ac) component
Overvoltage Protection for RTD-Based Measurement Systems
Steve Taranovich  
9/12/2018   Post a comment
Is it possible to design a complete RTD module with overvoltage protection?
Creating sound for Electric Vehicle safety
Steve Taranovich  
9/10/2018   3 comments
The air-polluting, carbon emitting standard liquid fuel combustion engine vehicles have an audible engine sound, even when traveling at low speeds. Pedestrians and other vehicle drivers recognize a moving vehicle via sight and sound coming from tires and other emitted noise when the vehicle may be out of sight.
Fully-Differential Amplifiers and the Leading Edge in Electronics
Dennis Feucht  
9/7/2018   2 comments
Semiconductor companies have now had fully-differential amplifiers in their product lines for a few years, though these amplifiers have been in leading-edge electronics for decades. These diff-amps are differential not only at their input but also at their output, doubling output range.
Improving Phase Margin for Highly Reactive Rail-to-Rail Output Stage Impedances in Op Amp and Fully Differential Amplifier Applications
Michael Steffes  
9/7/2018   Post a comment
Modern Rail-to-rail (R-R) output stage op amps, or fully differential amplifiers (FDAs), can sometimes get into a low phase margin condition for relatively simple circuits. Using the phase margin simulation test of Reference 1, a few simple external phase margin improvement methods will be shown. These tests and fixes are best done in simulation prior to board layout. Where the device model for a R-R output device is perhaps not including the higher frequency reactance, places for these tuning elements might be put into the board layout as a hedge against future stability problems.
Ron Howard's 'Mars' on the National Geographic channel
Steve Taranovich  
9/6/2018   9 comments
ĎMarsí is scripted so that during each episode there are cut-aways to documentary-style discussion by actual scientists and thinkers who describe the reality of our endeavor to the Red Planet
Powering medical implants
Steve Taranovich  
9/3/2018   2 comments
I have always admired Medtronicís technology. This is a company that helps improve the lives of so many people with their medical research and innovations
How to Charge Lithium Iron Phosphate Rechargeable Batteries
Victor Chertakovsky  
9/2/2018   1 comment
Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are safer than Lithium-ion cells and are available in a range of huge cell sizes between 5 and 100 AH with much longer cycle life than conventional batteries
Are sensors' data from autonomous cars just about cars?
Garima Jain  
9/2/2018   1 comment
In the world of the Internet of Things, everything is producing data. Depending on how detailed the data is, it can be used to create something as big as a digital twin as well.

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