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Steve Taranovich
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Watch National Geographic TV tonight for 'Apollo: Missions to the Moon'
Steve Taranovich  
7/7/2019   1 comment
You will see an excellent historical treatment of the Apollo program
After 5G, where do we go?
Steve Taranovich  
7/7/2019   Post a comment
At the Brooklyn 5G Summit 2019, NYU Professor Ted Rappaport, whom I consider a communication visionary, gave a keynote talk about Terahertz Communication
Frances 'Poppy' Northcutt: The first woman at NASA Mission Control
Steve Taranovich  
6/25/2019   Post a comment
The first woman at NASA Mission Control
Speaking of Speakers
Steve Taranovich  
6/16/2019   1 comment
The primary difference between the speakers I designed and the micro- and mini-speakers that Eminence makes is that the diaphragm is connected directly to the voice coil as opposed to an Aluminum or cardboard 'former' to which the voice coil was connected
MOSFETs embedded into PC boards
Steve Taranovich  
5/18/2019   2 comments
Infineon MOSFETs have been embedded into PC boards by Schweizer Electronic AG
Aircraft: Angle of Attack (A0A) Sensor design
Steve Taranovich  
5/15/2019   16 comments
As a member of the electronics design community, I am angry and disappointed with the recent deaths of 346 people due to the Boeing MAX 8 design
Discrete Difference Amplifier vs. an Integrated Solution
Steve Taranovich  
5/9/2019   Post a comment
Why Pay More for Less?
Robots re-charge their own batteries
Steve Taranovich  
5/7/2019   Post a comment
Wireless robot or drone charging, when battery power is low, becomes a critical function, especially in an autonomous system
Improving a robot controller: Replacing tanh(x) with sin(arctan(x))
Steve Taranovich  
5/6/2019   2 comments
Most of us probably have never used the hyperbolic tangent function tanh(x) or the sin(arctan(x)) reference function since our university days. But these functions enable a kinematic controller. Kinematics determines the position and orientation movement of an end-effector on a robotic arm as a function of the joint coordinates.
Surgical revolution: Robotics
Steve Taranovich  
4/24/2019   Post a comment
Surgical Robotic Systems are no longer a science fiction idea. These kind of systems, although still in their infancy, are able to enhance a human surgeon’s talent with more accurate and less invasive techniques.
Recent 2019 updates in V2X technology
Steve Taranovich  
4/14/2019   Post a comment
In this article, I will examine some of the latest efforts in V2X technology
A new era in Space Electronics
Steve Taranovich  
4/11/2019   5 comments
The development of reusable rockets is lowering barriers to both scientific and commercial exploration of space, stimulating increasing interest and investment in space electronics.
FCC rule said to grow amateur radio and benefit engineers
Steve Taranovich  
4/10/2019   Post a comment
Just recently, Professor Rappaport filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission and members of Congress.
GaN enhancement for 48V DC/DC power conversion in servers and automotive
Steve Taranovich  
4/10/2019   Post a comment
GaN power transistors MUST be a part of these kinds of 48V architectures; from my point-of-view there is no better alternative.
APEC 2019-Silanna Semiconductor
Steve Taranovich  
3/29/2019   Post a comment
The company’s claim to fame is a fully integrated Active Clamp FLyback Controller. Their SZ1101 as a UHV startup LDO and a Digital control design with an adaptive active clamp driver.
An Analog Tutorial: Current sources
Steve Taranovich  
3/28/2019   1 comment
I will be bringing you a series of Analog and Power basics on Planet Analog with links to EDN with more in-depth articles on these different tutorial topics. Fist up is Current Sources.
NYU Wireless, Professor Rappaport, speaks out about the advent of 6G
Steve Taranovich  
3/28/2019   1 comment
The Federal Communications Commission has begun considering opening up a new spectrum of radio waves that researchers believe could become integral to the sixth generation of wireless communications (6G) as part of the never-ending quest to send more data more quickly over the air.
Pre-APEC latest Product Introductions
Steve Taranovich  
3/14/2019   2 comments
Leading up to APEC have been a slew of new introductions by various suppliers. I wanted to highlight some of that here on Planet Analog for your information
SAR Converter with PGA Achieves Dynamic Range of 125 dB
Steve Taranovich  
3/13/2019   2 comments
Could a 16-bit SAR converter application reach a dynamic range of 125 dB at 600 kSPS?
Boeing MAX 8: Technological advances and pilot training
Steve Taranovich  
3/13/2019   9 comments
My ‘gut feel’ as an Electronics Engineer tells me that the need for more adequate and intensive pilot training is a strong possibility
Why I am so proud of my membership in IEEE Eta Kappa Nu
Steve Taranovich  
3/7/2019   1 comment
I am presently reading the February issue of the ‘Bridge’, the magazine of the IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu honor society.
What do Analog Engineers do when they meet socially?
Steve Taranovich  
3/3/2019   1 comment
The simple answer is to just attend the annual Analog Aficionados dinner in Silicon Valley and see for yourself
Texas Instruments enters the BAW resonator technology realm
Steve Taranovich  
3/2/2019   1 comment
This effort is critical to the efficient movement and analysis of large amounts of data. With the addition of a connected MCU, TI now has a really neat dynamic duo solution that will enable a new level of performance in technology
Enablement of Batteryless Applications with Wireless Power
Steve Taranovich  
2/27/2019   1 comment
My application doesn’t have a battery. Is it possible to power it wirelessly?
Automatically balance Supercapacitor leakage in 12V systems
Steve Taranovich  
2/25/2019   4 comments
Robert Chao, president and founder of ALD Inc. just engineered and introduced a board that enables leakage current balancing for 12-volt systems used in automotive, gap power and remote monitoring applications.
Nikola Tesla: EDN and Planet Analog's best articles
Steve Taranovich  
2/19/2019   2 comments
Nikola Tesla was an extraordinary, but very eccentric inventor. His rivalries with Thomas Edison are famous. He died more than 75 years ago, but his discoveries and ideas have helped shape modern electricity, including Wireless Power
Isabellenhutte reduces contact resistance and heat development with ISA-CON 450
Steve Taranovich  
2/14/2019   1 comment
Copper alloy for fasteners with better thermal conductivity and lower electrical resistance than Stainless Steel
Planet Analog's top reader picks in the last six years
Steve Taranovich  
2/12/2019   Post a comment
Let’s go back a few years and see the top ten tech blogs that Planet Analog readers liked best
Proton irradiation to enhance or degrade semiconductor performance
Steve Taranovich  
2/11/2019   1 comment
I was not aware of was the technique of doping semiconductors using radiation defects that are produced by irradiation with protons and alpha particles.
Metastability in Space
Steve Taranovich  
1/28/2019   2 comments
Metastability can cause a spacecraft electronic failure. It may render a very expensive spacecraft/satellite unusable and if the spacecraft is manned, there could be lives in danger
LiDAR damage to camera at CES?
Steve Taranovich  
1/16/2019   11 comments
Recently, AEye, was demonstrating their LiDAR system at CES in Las Vegas. A man using his new $1,198 Sony camera found that his photographs were damaged after he took pictures of AEye’s LiDAR LASER scanning system
Top 10 Earthly benefits from the NASA Apollo program
Steve Taranovich  
1/8/2019   1 comment
NASA has an Office of Technology Transfer and Commercialization, that licenses technologies developed for space during the Apollo program, to benefit life on Earth. Here are my top 10 from the Apollo era.
What's a Gerber Variable Scale?
Steve Taranovich  
1/7/2019   Post a comment
Back in the early 60s, there were really no computers or electronic calculators generally available to engineers. The Gerber Variable Scale was a time-saver for designers.
Up close and personal with the Shuttle Independence
Steve Taranovich  
12/20/2018   Post a comment
While in Houston recently, I visited the Space Center Houston and toured the 80-ton shuttle replica Independence, mounted atop the historic and original NASA 905 159-ton shuttle carrier aircraft (SCA), which was the first of the SCAs.
Simple Circuit Measures Relative Intensity of Two Light Sources
Steve Taranovich  
12/18/2018   2 comments
Can I measure the difference between two light sources with an instrumentation amplifier?
Apollo 8 Christmas in Space
Steve Taranovich  
12/15/2018   5 comments
NASA Orion Launch, Descent, and Launch abort simulator
Steve Taranovich  
12/9/2018   1 comment
I checked another item off my ‘Bucket list’ last week. NASA enabled me up to ‘fly’ the Mars Orion simulator!
The role of Sensors in the industrial IoT (IIoT)
Steve Taranovich  
11/14/2018   Post a comment
Industry 4.0 is the next generation of the manufacturing industry. A factory composed of smart devices is referred to as a Smart Factory.
PSMA Energy Management Technical Committee has a Leadership Opportunity
Steve Taranovich  
11/10/2018   Post a comment
The PSMA Board of Directors is looking for one or more volunteers interested in providing leadership for the Energy Management Technical Committee.
Electrophysiology: Neural Probes and Epilepsy
Steve Taranovich  
11/10/2018   Post a comment
Technology is advancing and can allow for seizure detection, recording a seizure diary for doctors to see, and seizure forecasting
National Geographic's Mars, Season 2
Steve Taranovich  
11/8/2018   Post a comment
This new season brings industry and science together in an uncomfortable, evolving struggle for necessary co-existence with different priorities and goals.
Steve Taranovich  
11/3/2018   Post a comment
I was pleasantly surprised that the two most powerful presentations, at MSEC 2018, that will greatly benefit the MEMS industry, were from US Federal Government-funded agencies.
Nuvation Space DAQ solution: Pyrotechnics and electronics
Steve Taranovich  
11/2/2018   5 comments
Nuvation designed and built a data acquisition system for Space Systems Loral (SSL)
Using environmental sensors to enable autonomous mobility at MSEC
Steve Taranovich  
11/1/2018   Post a comment
One of the very informative presentations at the MEMS & Sensors Executive Congress (MSEC) this week was given by Marcellino Gemelli, Director of Global Business Development from Bosch Sensortec
DARPA's Ron Polcawich at MSEC 2018
Steve Taranovich  
10/23/2018   2 comments
Dr. Ron Polcawich, program manager in the Microsystems Technology Office (MTO) of DARPA will be delivering a Keynote at the MEMS & Sensors Executive Congress (MSEC 2018)
Driving a Unipolar Gate Driver in a Bipolar Way
Steve Taranovich  
10/23/2018   2 comments
Do you need a specialized gate driver to deliver positive and negative voltages?
ECG Biometrics for automobile safety
Steve Taranovich  
10/18/2018   2 comments
I am always looking for ways to make our roads safe with engineering technology, especially with the advent of autonomous vehicles.
OmniVision Technology for improved surveillance imaging
Steve Taranovich  
10/17/2018   Post a comment
OmniVision has a really talented team of designers and engineers that have developed some state-of-the-art camera front ends with low noise and low power consumption IC designs.
Critical Launch Abort Systems
Steve Taranovich  
10/16/2018   10 comments
On Thursday, October 11, the Soyuz MS-10 spacecraft launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Soon after the launch, there was a problem with the booster and the launch ascent was aborted
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The utilization of electronics in medical applications could effectively enhance the quality of life of patients and prevent many cardiovascular distresses: this is confirmed by the result of an observational study, about the CPAP device
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There is rising interest in alternative energy schemes and electric vehicles (EVs) which means there is a growing need in making it possible for power to flow efficiently in both directions.
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