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Raj Nair
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Nothing New in Power Integrity?
Raj Nair  
3/29/2019   Post a comment
The most common approach to PI management, particularly for droops and other dynamic supply differential variations, is the addition of on-chip decoupling capacitance. Capacitance, local to a load circuit that draws transient supply current, can help fulfill transient charge demand.
An Elegy for Moore's Law
Raj Nair  
8/15/2018   2 comments
The Jevons Paradox
Power Integrity for IoT Components
Raj Nair  
9/6/2016   2 comments
A prevailing assumption in the industry, EDA in particular, is that IoT chips are less of a challenge. Technology and IP integrated are well known. The chips are not leading edge in the fabrication processes used. Tools that met the needs of prior fabrication processes hence suffice to meet the needs of IoT chips. It is just a matter of designing to the specific application
Time, Frequency, and Spatiotemporal Domains
Raj Nair  
7/6/2016   Post a comment
DVD is a key measure of chip power integrity, and requires careful inspection during chip design. It is a sign-off gating aspect of chip power delivery.
DVD Variation with Load Vector Delays
Raj Nair  
6/14/2016   Post a comment
In the following experiment, we explore DVD variance with another aspect of PDN load currents. Here, we explore the temporal relationship between load vectors: time/phase delays between load maxima.
Non-correlation of Peak Noise and Peak Current
Raj Nair  
5/16/2016   2 comments
Is a power grid represented with good accuracy as a complicated mesh of resistances? We answer the first part of this exploration the non-correlation of peak noise with peak current in this experimental study.
PI Continuum Simulation: Load Modulation
Raj Nair  
4/7/2016   Post a comment
How do advanced design changes impact power integrity? This is a question often encountered by power-integrity aware IP block designers. And here is where a front-end analysis environment such as Anasim's PI-FP is most useful.

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The triboelectric effect is defined as a small amount of static electricity generated by the contact and movement of surfaces, used to generate energy that is collected and stored to power sensors and electronics at very low power
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The industries sector is progressively increasing utilization of IoT technology to make the industrial processes automated in a very intelligent way.
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