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Frederik Dostal
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Flyback Converters Without Optocouplers: Existing Options
Frederik Dostal  
5/10/2019   Post a comment
There is a great deal written about isolation, but Frederik Dostal gives us a look at power supply isolation. Do you know which side of the galvanic isolation to put the controller? Should you use optocouplers or some other method? Find out here
Preventing voltage fluctuations due to power supply lines
Frederik Dostal  
4/22/2019   Post a comment
In such things as laboratory power supplies or electronic systems, in which various components are connected to longer cables, the regulated voltage is not always particularly accurate at the point where it is needed due to various voltage drops across the interconnection lines.
When Grounds are Separated
Frederik Dostal  
11/22/2018   3 comments
Where do I connect the grounds of switching regulators?
Optimized Power Supply Measurement Setup
Frederik Dostal  
8/11/2018   Post a comment
How can I make sure I’m testing my switching regulator as efficiently as possible?
Rarely Asked Questions-Issue 147: Synchronous Rectification on the Secondary Side
Frederik Dostal  
11/20/2017   Post a comment
How can I increase the efficiency of my isolated power supply?

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There’s a further cool thing you can do with a spreadsheet that most SPICEs can’t. That’s to use the spreadsheet ‘solver’ functionality to adjust component values in the search for a better-fitting circuit – or even to find a set of component values for a circuit you can’t otherwise design.
Infineon MOSFETs have been embedded into PC boards by Schweizer Electronic AG
You now need to adjust component values to achieve some system goal, such as predefined frequency response or time behaviour, and there’s no closed method for working out those values.
As a member of the electronics design community, I am angry and disappointed with the recent deaths of 346 people due to the Boeing MAX 8 design
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