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Content posted in July 2002
Improving Measurement Accuracy by Controlling Mismatch Uncertainty
7/30/2002   1 comment
Signal reflections due to impedance mismatches are a major cause of errors in RF measurement. Agilent's Anthony Lymer discusses the problem of "mismatch uncertainty" and what you can do to minimize its effect on your high-frequency system evaluations.
The Relationship of Dynamic Range to Data Word Size in Digital Audio Processing
7/16/2002   3 comments
Digital audio-processing needs vary significantly between applications. Analog Devices' John Tomarakos reviews DSP requirements for different audio systems, and discusses how audio quality is dependent on a system's dynamic range and the size of the data word used during computations.
Silicon and Chocolate: IMEC's Investment in Tomorrow's Technologies
7/12/2002   Post a comment
There really is technical life outside of Silicon Valley. TechOnLine's Jim Lipman describes the activities of IMEC, a fascinating European research center, whose activities are on the leading edge of microelectronics, nano-technology, and information and communication technology development.

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