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Analog Angle
Content posted in November 2013
Extreme Analog Design: Don't Forget Those Passives
Analog Angle  
11/21/2013   14 comments
ICs get most of the attention in harsh application situations, but passives have their own special needs and ruggedness options.
Debugging Tactics: 4 Ways to Increase Integration
Analog Angle  
11/14/2013   9 comments
It's tough to partition hardware and software when you are using highly integrated components, and that reality affects your debug options and approaches, in addition to the design itself.
Reference Designs: Strong Start but Weak Finish?
Analog Angle  
11/12/2013   11 comments
Vendor's reference designs are a good and necessary tool, but you still have to do your due diligence.
Can We Have Too Many Op-Amp Performance Curves?
Analog Angle  
11/5/2013   7 comments
So many graphs, so many curves. It can be too much of a good thing -- but probably not.

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