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Analog Angle
Content posted in March 2013
My ASIC+SoC Reassessment
Analog Angle  
3/28/2013   4 comments
Application-specific systems-on-a-chip are getting more attention. What's their impact on vendors as well as the design engineer?
Vendors Are Gone, but Their Prefixes Are Not
Analog Angle  
3/26/2013   22 comments
Vendors come and go, but their parts and unique identification codes live on even in new designs - and with good reason.
Meeting the 'Rugged Design' Challenge
Analog Angle  
3/14/2013   11 comments
Ruggedized devices, those intended for extremes of temperature, ESD, vibration, etc., must be selected with care. The system in which these parts will be used must also be evaluated carefully to realize the full benefit.
Projects vs. Products: What That First Real Engineering Job Actually Teaches
Analog Angle  
3/4/2013   4 comments
There's a huge difference between doing a successful design as a project and getting that design into production. For engineers just out of school, it can be a whole new education.

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