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Analog Angle
Content posted in April 2013
What Analog's 'Imperfections' Taught Me
Analog Angle  
4/23/2013   30 comments
It's easy to fall under the spell of your data's apparent precision, but estimating a rough answer is a smart first step.
How the Analog Challenge Has Changed
Analog Angle  
4/16/2013   2 comments
Today's analog designs are easier than those of the past, due to greatly improved and more highly integrated components; now the design focus is on system-level issues of overall performance meeting power, cost, and time-to-market objectives.
Getting Over My New Integration Fears
Analog Angle  
4/12/2013   7 comments
For someone who "grew up" on integration via increased hardware functionality, it takes some time to get used to integration done by applications software tying ICs together.
LDO, Switching Regulators Get Some Deserved 'Fundamentals' Attention
Analog Angle  
4/5/2013   3 comments
This online course will give you perspective on these vital, often underappreciated components.
Watching Analog Devices' Jerald Fishman Up Close
Analog Angle  
4/2/2013   9 comments
ADI's CEO was a unique character, as so many in our industry are.

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