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Mark Fortunato
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Tell Me Why My Smartphone Requires 30 Voltage Rails
Mark Fortunato  
2/19/2013   7 comments
To succeed in marketing integrated analog devices, you need a good understanding of the marketplace and a good understanding of the available technologies. You must know your own business and your customer's.
Integration: Old but New
Mark Fortunato  
1/14/2013   8 comments
Putting electronic components onto a semiconductor substrate has steadily resulted in more and more devices being integrated into a smaller space.

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A battery management system (BMS), in addition to many other functions, has to closely monitor voltage, current, and the temperature of battery cells and packs. Temperature measurement is important in preserving the operational characteristics of both the cells and the BMS itself, as well as optimizing the state of health (SOH) by preventing degradation.
NFC technology may help to track and monitor the sun exposure level
Near Field Communication (NFC) technology offers many interesting options in the application of smart ICs realized through electronics technology.
How to generate the open-loop SPICE simulation curves: Open or “break” the loop while injecting a small signal into a high-Z node and look at the response at different points in the loop
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