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Doug Grant
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At 2014 ISSCC, a Place for Good-Old, Real Analog
Doug Grant  
2/5/2014   1 comment
If your interest is less in applications of analog technology than other problems, and you want to find out what’s happening in real analog, here's where you should be.
Integrated Analog at the 2014 ISSCC
Doug Grant  
2/3/2014   6 comments
When it comes to this month’s ISSCC show, there are plenty of sections dedicated to solving issues with integrated analog technology. Here, our blogger looks at the sessions that offer new insight to difficult problems.
Hidden Analog Technology at the 2014 ISSCC
Doug Grant  
1/28/2014   9 comments
The International Solid State Circuits Conference kicks off February 9. While the mass media will focus on the biggest memory, faster processor, and smallest geometries reported, I prefer to look at the analog stuff.
Step Aside, MEMS: Here Comes NEMS
Doug Grant  
12/9/2013   26 comments
Once semiconductor companies master the fabrication of micro-electromechanical systems (which they have), the next step is to master nano-electromechanical systems (which they are starting to).
Integration vs. Performance: A DSP-Based View
Doug Grant  
11/15/2013   4 comments
A comparison of integrating large amounts of analog functionality onto a chip with simply using smaller individual analog function blocks. Which is better, cheaper, or easier?
When Will Someone Make a Clean Switcher?
Doug Grant  
9/24/2013   18 comments
Switching regulators generate RF noise. What happens to it? Is it radiated/conducted or is it contained? And who's responsible?
RMS Measurement & Jim Williams Mischief
Doug Grant  
8/30/2013   4 comments
More thoughts on the design and fabrication of an RMS-to-DC converter IC: the trip and trip-ups along the way.
Analog Signals: Audio, Video & Umm... Other Stuff
Doug Grant  
8/29/2013   2 comments
The analog IC business is hard. Profit margins are razor thin. And if you're selling parts to yourself, it gets really complicated.
The Elusive 12-Bit D/A Converter
Doug Grant  
8/15/2013   21 comments
Making a 12-bit DAC is easy on paper, but difficult to do in practice. At least to be really 12-bit accurate and stay that way over time and temperature. Close does not count.
PIC (& Software) 1, Op-Amps 0
Doug Grant  
5/24/2013   25 comments
General purpose voltage references, quad op-amps, and quad comparators are almost as cheap as dirt. Is it possible that a microcontroller plus software could compete economically?
Do We Need Any New Op-Amps?
Doug Grant  
4/22/2013   28 comments
We finally have enough op-amps for all of our design needs, right?
Lessons I Learned From Jerry Fishman
Doug Grant  
4/4/2013   Post a comment
Bill Schweber recently posted his remembrances of Analog Devices CEO Jerry Fishman, who passed away suddenly last week. Let me add my own memories and what I learned from Jerry in my 30+ years at that company.
Is Cellular RF PA Integration Finally Here? Part 2
Doug Grant  
4/2/2013   Post a comment
Manufacturers are looking at ways to integrate the functions needed surrounding the handset RF power amplifier to aid tuning and reduce transmitter power draw.
Is Cellular RF PA Integration Finally Here? Part 1
Doug Grant  
3/29/2013   5 comments
The requirements for the power amplifier section of a cellular handset have evolved towards higher performance to support newer standards. Meanwhile, the level of integration for the power amplifier section is very low compared to the rest of the phone.
RF Integration – The Final Frontier
Doug Grant  
3/7/2013   7 comments
Digital functionality continues to neatly move into large scale integration. Analog functionality -- not quite so much. And RF functionality -- pretty much not at all.
What Not to Integrate
Doug Grant  
3/1/2013   3 comments
Not all analog systems are good candidates for integration. In fact, some are very bad candidates.
The Gold Standard of Analog Circuit Prose
Doug Grant  
2/15/2013   7 comments
Writing good technical material is a high art form not done well by very many people. Dan Sheingold is one of the best (maybe the best). He is retiring from Analog Devices.
The Ultimate Question of Analog Circuit Design
Doug Grant  
1/29/2013   5 comments
New devices must be properly characterized over many variables such as supply voltage, output loading, clock speed, and temperature.
The Overlooked Component & the Unsung Hero
Doug Grant  
1/23/2013   4 comments
Whether you're working on a specific function chip or a highly integrated mixed-signal SOC, this blog is for you.
Analog Integration Can Be Like Playing With Fire
Doug Grant  
1/18/2013   8 comments
Analog integration has a lot of benefits, if done right.
In Between the 0s & 1s
Doug Grant  
1/18/2013   Post a comment
This is for the young engineer who asked, "Can you tell me what analog is? I'm not really familiar with it."

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