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Sachin Gupta & Akshay Phatak
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ADC Guide, Part 14: Impedance Matching
Sachin Gupta & Akshay Phatak  
4/1/2013   14 comments
In this installment, we’ll see how to design an interfacing circuit for a given signal source to match the output impedance of the source to the input impedance of the ADC. This process is referred as impedance matching.
ADC Guide, Part 13: Input Impedance
Sachin Gupta & Akshay Phatak  
3/18/2013   11 comments
In the previous part of this series we looked at differential vs. single-ended drive methods for the ADC. This installment of the series looks at ADC input impedance and the effect it has on accuracy.
ADC Guide, Part 12: Input Configurations; Single-Ended & Differential Input ADCs
Sachin Gupta & Akshay Phatak  
3/12/2013   6 comments
In previous part of this series we discussed the noise specifications of an ADC. This installment of the series talks about the ADC input configuration.

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