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Barry Harvey
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I Like 'Scopes
Barry Harvey  
8/26/2013   14 comments
There are analog 'scopes and digital 'scopes. There are good 'scopes and bad 'scopes. There are several manufacturers. How do these categories intertwine?
Everything’s Better After the First Explosion
Barry Harvey  
5/13/2013   32 comments
Bad events occur -- it's inevitable. Sometimes, it's best just to have the cacatological event happen and move on with the design's evaluation.
DSL Line Drivers Throw a Party
Barry Harvey  
4/5/2013   2 comments
Just as stated in the corollaries to Murphy's Law, self-starting oscillators don't oscillate and very wideband amplifiers do oscillate. Finding and stopping that amplifier oscillation requires some clever techniques and smart sleuthing.
Those Darn Plastic Packages
Barry Harvey  
3/29/2013   12 comments
What are IC packages made of and why would you care? What IC malfunctions can occur that can be traced back to the package?

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The primary difference between the speakers I designed and the micro- and mini-speakers that Eminence makes is that the diaphragm is connected directly to the voice coil as opposed to an Aluminum or cardboard 'former' to which the voice coil was connected
Autonomous driving represents one of the most interesting fields of research in the electronics and automotive sectors. This interest is growing by means of projects like the “Roobopoli” which includes the design and testing of prototype autonomous cars having integrated microcontrollers.
Using optimization to design circuits (some might call it organized guesswork – for some algorithms, that’s a pretty good description) isn’t a new insight.
The future of industry is represented by the massive utilization of IoT technology in realizing a more effective and reliable chain of production while maximizing the yield of industrial processes
How could I measure the light intensity of different light sources?
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