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Message Boards posted in September 2017
What is the Most Efficient Energy?
Last Message: 9/27/2017
  Comments: 1
Lessons from the trash can: Wrong power supply polarity.
Last Message: 9/20/2017
  Comments: 3
Improving in 2017
Last Message: 9/19/2017
  Comments: 7
Did We Teach China to Steal Technology?
Last Message: 9/18/2017
  Comments: 2
The GaN Era Approaches
Last Message: 9/15/2017
  Comments: 4
Learning Is Not Just for New Engineers
Last Message: 9/11/2017
  Comments: 5
4-Wire Current-Loop Sensor Transmitters
Last Message: 9/9/2017
  Comments: 5
Sams Photofacts: A Needed Service Today
Last Message: 9/8/2017
  Comments: 2
Components and Methods for Current Measurement
Last Message: 9/1/2017
  Comments: 3
Baby, You Can Drive My BLDC
Last Message: 9/1/2017
  Comments: 22
Op Amps: Transconductance versus Voltage Feedback
Last Message: 9/1/2017
  Comments: 10

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There’s a further cool thing you can do with a spreadsheet that most SPICEs can’t. That’s to use the spreadsheet ‘solver’ functionality to adjust component values in the search for a better-fitting circuit – or even to find a set of component values for a circuit you can’t otherwise design.
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