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Message Boards posted in September 2018
Calibration, Part 2
Last Message: 9/30/2018
  Comments: 8
ADC Guide, Part 13: Input Impedance
Last Message: 9/26/2018
  Comments: 11
Relays and Solenoids: Electromechanical Devices
Last Message: 9/25/2018
  Comments: 3
Drone Detection Converges Sensor, Analog, RF Disciplines
Last Message: 9/25/2018
  Comments: 2
Image Reject Mixers Demystified
Last Message: 9/24/2018
  Comments: 1
The REAL Cost for a Custom IC
Last Message: 9/19/2018
  Comments: 54
Understanding the Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)
Last Message: 9/18/2018
  Comments: 4
Gravitational waves: A new field for electronics, Part 3
Last Message: 9/17/2018
  Comments: 2
Operations per Joule
Last Message: 9/17/2018
  Comments: 45
Between Discrete & Integrated Circuits
Last Message: 9/17/2018
  Comments: 11
Build a high-voltage linear regulator
Last Message: 9/17/2018
  Comments: 13
LoRaWAN solutions slideshow
Last Message: 9/16/2018
  Comments: 1
Good Day, Sunshine The Amazing Solar Impulse 2
Last Message: 9/14/2018
  Comments: 2
BNO055: A Sensor for the Makers Community
Last Message: 9/12/2018
  Comments: 1
California Invention Convention empowers young innovators
Last Message: 9/6/2018
  Comments: 1
Battery Charging at Low Temperatures
Last Message: 9/5/2018
  Comments: 1
To Extend Battery Life, Look at the Big Picture
Last Message: 9/5/2018
  Comments: 1
Statistical simulations to replace corner simulations?
Last Message: 9/3/2018
  Comments: 1

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The utilization of electronics in medical applications could effectively enhance the quality of life of patients and prevent many cardiovascular distresses: this is confirmed by the result of an observational study, about the CPAP device
This blog series deals with the potential of the utilization of smart electronic ICs in medical care applications; these ICs are produced by companies in the field of semiconductors such as STMicroelectronics which has a broad portfolio of ICs for medical applications
There is rising interest in alternative energy schemes and electric vehicles (EVs) which means there is a growing need in making it possible for power to flow efficiently in both directions.
The industries sector is progressively increasing utilization of IoT technology to make the industrial processes automated in a very intelligent way.
Medical care applications with electronic devices are becoming progressively more important and massively adopted.
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