ARM tools add support for DaVinci and OMAP35x

CAMBRIDGE, UK – The ARM RealView family of development tools will provide enhanced support for the Texas Instruments (TI) DaVinci and OMAP35x platforms, including the recently-released DaVinci TMS320DM355 digital media processor and OMAP35x processors. The enhanced support automatically configures the RealView development tools for specific TI processors and development boards. Enhanced debug support provides full visibility and control of the processor's on- and off-chip peripherals.

This one of ARM's first tool releases to support specific chips. Past releases required a bring-up engineer to configure the tools to for the on- and off-chip peripherals specific to the chipset. By eliminating this step, the new RealView release cuts significant time and cost from the development process.

For the OMAP35x, RealView also includes compiler support for the NEON SIMD media-processing instruction set extensions. ARM currently has the only compiler to support the NEON extensions.

The new RealView features will be available in Q2 2008 via free download to RealView Development Suite 3.1 Professional customers.

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