Asahi Kasei introduces a low power audio ADC for mobiles and stereo microphones

Wokingham, UK — Asahi Kasei Microsystems (AKM) has introduced the AK5701 , a remarkably small, low power ADC with integrated microphone amplifier ALC and PLL, making it ideal for mobile phones, smart phones and PMP stereo microphone systems. Developed for stereo audio recording on high-quality portable music devices, the circuit integrates multiple AKM performance advances in a tiny 4 mm square package. This minimal board-space means the chip can easily be incorporated into the smallest of devices. Performance advances include AKM’s proprietary-technology auto level control, a 2:1 stereo input multiplexer supporting differential input and a single-end input. The chip also incorporates a low-noise microphone preamplifier and a condenser microphone power supply circuit for high-quality stereo-microphone sound recording. Audio formats support DSP mode, normal MSB justified format and I2S format, and has selectable stereo or mono data output. The AK5701’s built-in PLL is compatible with the system clock frequencies of virtually all mobile phone specifications and USB. The clock required for audio playback can be generated internally, allowing the clock and system LSI of mobile and/or smart phones to be synchronised. The AK5701 has a power management function for control of each circuit block as well as a three-wire compatible microprocessor interface. The digital power supply operates with voltages down to 1.6 V. Simplified interfacing with digital chips such as the CPU, makes for even further power savings. The AK5701 is available in a 24-pin QFN package. Engineering samples are available now. AKM Asahi Kasei Microsystems , Wokingham, UK.

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