ATM / OC-48 Line Card IC – alternative to FPGA-based design

PivotPoint &#153 provides an efficient means of designing an ATM line card while providing a power, cost, latency, and board-area advantage over an FPGA-based design. PivotPoint greatly simplifies the design process by seamlessly interconnecting Framers, SARs and NPUs equipped with the industry-standard SPI-4 interface, and bridging between their multiple clock domains.

It simplifies the design of SONET and ATM cards, providing seamless interconnection between SPI-4 devices. With PivotPoint as the central system interconnect, traffic can be transported from one device to any other device ” directly, without having to pass through neighboring devices. By seamlessly interconnecting merchant devices, PivotPoint dramatically improves system flexibility, while reducing cost, complexity, and latency.

Fulcrum Microsystems Inc , Calabasas Hills, CA 91301, USA.

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