Atmel motor driver chips feature high reliability

For always-on applications that require high reliability in rough environments, Atmel has developed two new brushless dc motor driver chips. Application examples are fuel pumps, turbochargers and exhaust gas recirculation.

The devices, type name ATA6833 and ATA6834, also target comfort applications such as power windows or power seats which benefit from the very low noise of BLDC motors. As an industry's first, the devices integrate motor driver, watchdog and voltage regulator functions as well as a LIN interface in a single IC. The high integration enables designers to keep their products extremely small. In addition, it helps to reduce the overall system costs by one third, Atmel claims. In addition, the high integration leads to higher PCB quality since the number of soldering points can be reduced.

The ATA6833 is a BLDC motor system basis chip with three half-bridge drivers. The three push-pull stages with integrated charge pump can drive up to six external NMOS transistors. The ATA6834 is designed as a high-temperature version and works at temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius. For this reason, the device can be used in motor-near applications where actors control the throughput of hot oil or hot exhaust gases.

The devices comply with automotive quality requirements with respect to EMI and voltage peaks. They are obtainable in the QFN48 package.

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