Atmel’s LIN2.0 System Basis Chip offers 6-kV ESD protection

St Quentin-en-Yvelines, France — Atmel has announced the Local Interface Network (LIN) system basis chip ATA6620 , which provides outstanding ESD protection (6 kV) and low current consumption as required in automotive applications. The current consumption can even be further reduced by the device's silent mode function that is unavailable in other LIN2.0 devices. Manufactured using Atmel's 0.8-micron BCDMOS process technology, the ATA6620 is optimized for operation up to 40 V and applications in harsh environments. These include automotive comfort applications such as door modules, seat control or intelligent sensors. The ATA6620 includes a fully integrated LIN transceiver according to the LIN2.0 specification released in September 2003, and a 5 V voltage regulator. The device interfaces the LIN protocol handler and the LIN bus. Improved slope control at the LIN bus ensures secure data communication of up to 20 kBaud with an RC oscillator for the protocol handling. To meet the 42 V powernet requirements, the bus output can tolerate short circuits of up to 60 V. To ensure low current consumption, the device includes multiple operating modes: normal, silent and sleep. Atmel Corp Europe , St Quentin-en-Yvelines, France.

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