Audience voice processor mimics human hearing to improve mobile calls

Mobile handset manufacturers, faced with a dilemma of increased churn and customer dissatisfaction regarding the quality of mobile calls, now have an opportunity to do something major about it. Startup Audience is debuting the industry's first voice processor that is based on human hearing intelligence.

The Audience Voice Processor mimics the entire audio pathway–from cochlea to brainstem, thalamus and cortex to deliver a unique grouping and processing of complex mixtures of sound. It is the only solution today that processes signals in the same manner people actually perceive specific sounds–and is able to identify and suppress noise sources accurately as a result.

According to Audience CEO Peter Santos, “Today there is an acoustic noise roadblock. Attempts are being made in the industry to take care of such stationary noise as fans, yet most noise is not stationary. Instead, the rapidly changing nature of most noise is resistant to solutions–until now.”

Audience's technology receives complex sound at overlapping frequencies and organizes it into individual sources–just as people hear it. Whether the noise is within the caller's environment or remote, the processor groups all sound sources instantaneously, suppressing noise and delivering clear voice.

Not only does Audience address the increased frustration of poor quality phone calls, it enables phones to do what they are supposed to do–power down while the user is not talking. When noise exists in the environment, the phone continues to burn battery power and network capacity. Once the Audience Voice Processor is employed, the phone powers down as it is supposed to. Another benefit is the clarity that an IVR system can receive when Audience is used. The major benefit, however, could be stopping the runaway churn that this talking place as mobile phone users attempt to find voice quality in their calls. See related article: Why more than 182,420 mobile subscribers a day left service providers.

Audience is currently sampling its A1010 Voice Processor chip to mobile handset manufacturers. It is also displaying its technology at Mobile World Congress in booth 7D50 and at the Innovation Marketplace, both in Hall 7.

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