Audio amps deliver pop/click-free 1.3 watts for cell phones

Phoenix&#8212ON Semiconductor says its op-amp based NCP2892 and NCP2990 audio amplifiers deliver 1.3 watts continuous average power (8-ohm load), higher than than any of the company's previous generations for portable communications devices.

The amps (differential input for the NCP2892 and single-ended input for the NCP2990) tout fast turn-on time, zero pop-and-click noise, and minimal power consumption (and 10 nA in shutdown mode). Working from a nominal 5-volt (2.2 to 5.5 volt) source, these audio amplifiers are suited for cell phones and PDAs.

The NCP2892 and NCP2990 feature externally controlled turn-on&#8212 100 ms wake-up time (NCP2892; 60 ms for the NCP2990) using a typical 1 microfarad bypass capacitor. Both devices offer minimum turn-on time down to 15 to 30 ms. The NCP2892 and NCP2990 devices can be connected directly to the battery, thus eliminating need for an LDO or DC/DC power source and maximizing the op amp's PSRR spec. The amps include thermal-overload protection circuitry.

Click here to access the NCP2892's datasheet and here for the NCP2990's. Both the NCP2892 and NCP2990, in a Pb-free, 9-pin flip-chip package, are priced at about 45 cents per unit in 1k quantities.

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