Audio codec combines analog functions, power management

Unterpremstaetten, Austria — austriamicrosystems has expanded its audio front-end portfolio with a fourth-generation device that is said to deliver half the power consumption at twice the performance. The AS3543 combines all system analog functions in a single chip required for digital system-on-chips (SoCs) aimed at mobile entertainment products.

The AS3543 is a highly integrated audio and power management device that includes functions such as low-power stereo audio DACs and ADCs with line audio output and input, microphone input, headphone amplifier with direct drive capabilities, and battery charging. Other features include DC/DC step-up/step-down power converters, LDOs, ultra-low-power real-time clock (RTC), battery switch and a high-voltage backlight power unit.

The AS3543 also features advanced power management techniques such as dynamic voltage with frequency scaling or adjustable DC/DC conversion that enables high efficiency over a wide range of current loads.

austriamicrosystems is exhibiting at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at an off-site location.

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