Audio Codecs support Windows Media Audio 9 Pro

San Francisco, CA, Intel Developer Forum September 7, 2004 SigmaTel, Inc., a provider of analog intensive, mixed-signal integrated circuits, announces its support for Microsoft Windows Media Audio 9 Professional (WMA Pro) within its C-Major audio codec product line for PCs and digital home entertainment systems.

Supporting 5.1- and 7.1-channel digital audio signals at 24 bit and 96-kHz, WMA Pro provides premium audio fidelity to the PC or digital set-top box. A typical application involves using a single digital or optical cable to stream WMA Pro audio content from a Windows-based PC to the audio/video (A/V) receiver within a home theater system, allowing the listener to enjoy the multi-channel experience through a set of surround sound speakers.

“As a leader in the portable digital audio controller business, SigmaTel has long been a supporter of Windows Media Audio,” said Jonathan Usher, director at the Windows Digital Media division at Microsoft Corp. “With this latest support for WMA Pro in its C-Major PC audio codec product line, SigmaTel is offering its customers a proven, high-quality audio solution.”

“SigmaTel has long been a proponent in pushing improvements in new audio standards, such as Intel's High Definition Audio (HD Audio) and Microsoft's Universal Audio Architecture (UAA),” said Phil Pompa, vice president of the integrated components group at SigmaTel. “WMA Pro is yet another important technology offering from Microsoft that will help tear down the wall between the personal computer and living room consumer electronics.”

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