Audio controller listens to needs of designer for low-cost MP3 players

Austin, TX — SigmaTel, Inc. unveils the STMP3502 MP3 audio decoder designed specifically for low-cost MP3 player solutions with FM capability. This newest addition to the D-Major STMP35xx family is being introduced as a proactive step to target potential Chinese and Far East customers that specialize in the cost-sensitive MP3 player market space. As the MP3 player market continues to grow, much of the current and future volumes will come from devices sold at the lower end of the retail cost scale.

The STMP3502 offers an extensive feature set including support for MP3 and WMA decode, FM tuner support, USB 2.0 full speed interface, LCD/LED interface, and voice record capability. In addition, the STMP3502, as with all devices in the STMP35xx family, support SLC and MLC NAND flash and USB mass storage class. Players using the STMP3502 can expect to have 20 to 25 hours of battery life on a single AA battery.

“As the MP3 player market begins to mature, low-cost solutions are beginning to have an impact on total worldwide market volumes,” says Danny Mulligan, vice president and general manager of the portable audio SoC group at SigmaTel. “This latest offering expands our already extensive support into this low-cost segment and positions SigmaTel to maintain or possibly increase market share.”

“An additional benefit that this new product delivers to our customers is the superior development support that SigmaTel offers,” says Mulligan. “With industry-leading software expertise, we offer the most comprehensive software development environment available for the MP3 player market. Our software development kit allows customers the flexibility to differentiate their products through custom user interfaces and enables the development of multiple platforms with the same tools.”

The STMP3502 is now available for new designs. For more information on D-Major audio and the STMP35xx product family, as well as development kit information and sales support, please visit

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