Audio op amps set new performance and power benchmarks

The dual-channel OPA1662 and quad-channel OPA1664 bipolar-input audio operational amplifiers from Texas Instruments provide superior noise, distortion, and bandwidth performance while dissipating a mere 1.5 mA. These power-efficient op amps are targeted at USB and FireWire audio systems, analog and digital mixers, portable recording systems, and other applications that require the highest noise performance combined with low power consumption.

Key features

  • Low 3.3-nV/rt Hz noise density with an ultra-low total harmonic distortion plus nose of 0.00006 percent at 1 kHz enables the design of much higher performance audio equipment than previously thought possible.
  • Low quiescent current of 1.5 mA per channel allows designers to stay within system power budgets while offering unmatched sound reproduction.
  • A wide gain bandwidth of 22 MHz and slew rate of 17 V/us provide higher signal integrity and faster response to a wider range of input signal frequencies.
  • Operating range of +/-1.5 V to +/-18 V or +3 V to +36 V provides excellent dynamic performance over a wide choice of loads.

Order OPA1662 samples and evaluation modules
Order OPA1664 samples and evaluation modules
View a pro audio mixer system block diagram
View an AV receiver system block diagram

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