Audio power amplifier adds 100-W per channel capability

Geneva, Switzerland — STMicroelectronics has expanded its digital power stage family of single-chip solutions with the introduction of its STA510F digital power amplifier, which is capable of driving up to 100 watts per channel of audio into stereo
8-ohm loads. The device also drives 4 x 50-W into 4 ohms, or up to 200 W in a mono-aural configuration.

While the STA510F is intended to match other family devices that use ST's proprietary FFX (full flexible amplification) digital modulation technology, it also accepts signals from other drivers using any PWM modulation scheme such as ternary, phase shift or
binary. The amplifier is said to preserve the full audio quality of the PWM input signal, providing a cost-effective output stage for demanding but price-sensitive applications such as home theatre and cinema systems, and mini- and micro-component audio systems.

In addition, the STA510F simplifies design and reduces the bill-of-materials (BOM) cost by integrating the circuitry required for the turn-off sequence of the logic- and power-stage power supplies, said ST. The company's patented “easy start” scheme eliminates the requirement for accurate control of the power-down sequence using external circuitry, which ensures ease of use for audio system manufacturers, and increased reliability.

The STA510F amplifier is manufactured using ST's state-of-the-art BiCMOS-DMOS process technology, which allows the integration of DMOS power, Bipolar and CMOS structures on the same chip. It is a suitable companion for the new STA330, a 2.0 channel PWM controller based on ST's FFX technology, and the STA331, a highly efficient FFX audio processor coupled with an ARM7TDMI core.

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Pricing: $3.00 in quantities of 100,000.
Availability: Housed in a PS036 package, the STA510F is available in volume.
Datasheet: STA510F

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