Audio Precision spins educational DVD about audio design

Kick back and watch a new DVD from audio test-and-measurement supplier Audio Precision (Beaverton, Oregon). The company is releasing an instructional DVD entitled Fundamentals of Audio Test and Measurement .

Be sure to lay in a stock of chips and your favorite beverage, too. And, don't forget to take notes. Audio Precision's three DVD set, priced at about $950, offers more than eight hours of in-depth training on a wide variety of audio engineering issues.

A Reference-Style Resource

The information compiled in the new DVD series, led by Audio Precision's Senior Application Engineer Mike Wolfe, is the company's first reference-style resource for engineers dealing with audio.

“Compiling our expertise on DVD was a logical step to aid an engineering community that's dealing with ever more complex audio challenges in a broad range of applications,” avows Bruce Hofer, the company's chairman and co-founder.

Hofer says that Audio Precision will also soon be conducting an ongoing Fundamentals Web Seminar Series for development, manufacturing, and quality control engineers and technicians. It will be presented on the company's Web site.

Freebies, Too .

For a limited time, participants in the Fundamentals Web Seminar Series will also be automatically registered for a free DVD set give-away promotion. Additional support and education is available as free tutorials from Audio Precision's online Learning Center .

Right now, the DVD set can be ordered via Audio Precision's Web site, as well as from Audio Precision sales partners in 35 countries.

The content of the DVD includes titles such as What's Unusual About Audio Measurement?, Audio Connections and Grounding, Measurement Units, Getting Test Result Output, Analog Inputs and Level Meters, Digitizing Audio , and Analog Outputs and Generators .

Other topics titles include Quantization and Dither, Measurement of Frequency Response, Realtime Digital Audio Analyzers, Analog Frequency And Phase Meters, Analyzing Digital Audio in Batch Mode, Measuring Analog Noise, Multi-tone Analyzers, Measuring Analog Distortion, Digital Interface Fundamentals, Cross talk, Measuring the Digital Interface, Group Delay , and Introduction to Building Macros .

For more info, contact company CEO Alan Miksch at Audio Precision, 5750 S.W. Arctic Dr., Beaverton, Oregon 97005. Phone: 1-800-231-7350, or 503-627-0832. Fax: 503-641-8906.

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