Audio processor improves voice clarity in portable communication devices

ON Semiconductor has introduced an ultra-low-power high-fidelity audio processor aimed at improving voice clarity in portable communication devices such as mobile phones, hands-free kits for automobiles, and wireless headsets. The BelaSigna 300 – the latest member of the BelaSigna family of audio processors formerly offered by AMI Semiconductor – addresses key portable device design challenges that require advanced audio processing capabilities while at the same time enabling small-form-factor designs and improved battery life.

Using a 24-bit open-programmable DSP core and a highly configurable accelerator signal processing engine, the device is claimed to deliver the flexibility of a generic DSP with the power consumption and size of a fixed function ASIC. A patented dual-core architecture enables multiple advanced audio algorithms, such as echo cancellation and noise reduction, to run simultaneously while maintaining ultra-low power consumption.

“Moving to a 24-bit datapath architecture combined with an overall reduction in power consumption will allow our customers to perform more signal processing,” said David Coode manager of ON Semiconductor's audio solutions team. “While portable electronics form-factors continue to shrink, sound quality will continue to improve.”

The device features four analog inputs and a Class-D output channel. Specifications include an 88-dB system dynamic range and a 50-µA stand-by current consumption. According to the company, the BelaSigna 300 can be designed into new or existing designs with little or no impact on the overall form-factor of the communication device.

An advanced, full-duplex echo-cancelling algorithm, specifically designed for the new BelaSigna 300 architecture, is also being released. The algorithm is applicable to headset and hands-free kit manufacturers.

The BelaSigna 300 is available in an RoHS-compliant 3.63 x 2.68-mm WLCSP. Samples are available now, with production scheduled for the second quarter. Beta evaluation and development kits are currently available, with final release scheduled for July.

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