Audio processor integrates highly efficient audio codec

Geneva, Switzerland — STMicroelectronics has introduced a new audio processor, based on an ARM7TDMI core coupled with ST's proprietary FFX (full flexible amplification) digital modulation technology. The STA331 audio processor with an integrated, high-efficiency Class D codec, offers a high level of flexibility that enables it to be used across a full range of consumer audio products from portable and
wireless devices to home theatre and audio systems. The audio processor is an extension of ST's Sound Terminal family of high-quality single-chip audio solutions.

With its very low-power consumption, processing capability at up to 75 MHz, and high audio quality, the STA331 can be used for both portable and stationary applications, with the same chip being used across a range of products such as set-top boxes (STBs), home audio systems, mini and micro component systems, and wireless speakers and headphones. When combined with the STA510F, a new digital power stage designed specifically for FFX drivers, the STA331 can drive audio power up to 100-W per channel.

The STA331's analog and digital audio peripherals make it a suitable solution for mid-range sound-processing applications. The code runs from the embedded RAM, uploaded from external serial Flash memory, and the whole set of audio parameters and functions can be controlled via an I2C interface, or through a customizable GPIO interface for standalone operation. The widely used ARM7TDMI core allows fast porting of the third-party audio effects that are available for ARM processors.

The STA331 embeds a stereo ADC (analog to digital converter), the FFX PWM (pulse width modulation) modulator, and a bridge in a single package, along with multi-standard digital connectivity and a three-way input selector. Full multiplexing of multiple audio sources is possible.

A complete library of algorithms has been developed to improve the listening experience of both musical and video content. The library includes digital audio processing such as ST's proprietary Tones Control, WideSurround, StereoEnhancer, intelligent volume control (MDCR), enhanced listening modes (voice and midnight modes), noise reduction and echo cancellation, and loudspeaker and cabinet compensation EQ. Compressed audio algorithm decoders, in addition to common third-party algorithms, are available upon

Pricing: Less than $3.50.
Availability: Housed in a TQFP package, the STA331 is available in volume production.
Datasheet: STA331 audio processor

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