Audio processor targets emerging soundbar market

Freiburg, Germany—Micronas has developed a fully integrated audio processor it is marketing under the name MAP-M for the emerging market of soundbars, wide-but-thin powered speakers located below a flat-panel TV.

The MAP-M audio processor reduces the BOM and time-to-market for designs by replacing five ICs with one and providing a complete software solution. MAP-M supports all applicable audio standards and interfaces, and offers OEMs a range of audio post-processing technologies.

MAP-M-powered designs decode Dolby Digital, DTS, and AAC format audio to deliver theater-like surround-sound. They create surround-sound without the need for rear speakers and cables with third-party audio post-processing technologies such as 1Ltd Digital Sound Projector, BBE ViVA, Dolby Virtual Speaker, and SRS TruSurround HD4. OEMs can also choose from a wide range of royalty-free meloD audio processing technologies by Micronas.

MAP-M includes all required interfaces, including digital via S/PDIF and I²S, or analog, via stereo line I/O, 6-channel input, or microphone. Micronas-equipped soundbars connect to DVD and BluRay players, set top boxes, and gaming consoles as well as standard and high-definition TVs.

Micronas lets manufacturers differentiate their products with an optional DSP-code download capability. This feature allows for manufacturer's own audio processing algorithms to be embedded in MAP-M single-chip designs.

Pricing: Ranges from $4 to $9.
Availability: Full production; samples and evaluation kits are available.
Product information: Click here.


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