Audio processors, amplifiers deliver complete HDTV audio subsystem

Analog Devices has announced a series of audio processors (ADAV4101, ADAV4201, ADAV43x2 and ADAV44x2) and Class-D audio power amplifiers (ADAU1590, ADAU1592 and ADAU1513) that deliver a complete advanced TV audio sub-system designed to meet multiple product performance and price targets. Designed to work together, the chips provide all the critical sub-system functionality required for an advanced TV audio implementation.

The ADAV4312, ADA4322, ADAV4412 and ADA4422 audio processors feature full support for digital and analog baseband audio as well as multistandard broadcast SIF demodulation and decoding. All the audio processors, by default, load a dedicated TV audio flow that incorporates full matrix switching, automatic volume control, dynamic bass, a multiband equalizer and up to 200 ms of stereo delay memory. Alternatively, designers can use the company's SigmaStudio graphical programming tool to evaluate and develop custom flows.

Analog input and output is provided by 95-dB dynamic range ADCs and DACs, respectively. The main speaker outputs can be supplied as a voltage out from the integrated DAC channels (ADAV4101, ADAV4312 and ADAV4322) or as a digitally modulated PWM stream to support digital amplifiers (ADAV4201, ADAV4412 and ADAV4422).

All the processors include multichannel digital inputs and outputs. In addition, two of the digital input channels can be routed through integrated SRCs capable of supporting any arbitrary sample rate from 5 kHz to 50 kHz.

The ADAU1590 and ADAU1592 two-channel bridge-tied load Class-D amplifiers have an integrated sigma-delta modulator that accepts an analog input signal and generates a switching output to drive speakers directly. A digital, microcontroller-compatible interface provides control of reset, mute and PGA gain as well as output signals for thermal and overcurrent error conditions.

Specifications include a 90% power efficiency rating at 8 ohms, a 101-dB dynamic range, and a THD+N of 0.005% while delivering 11 W (stereo) and 18 W (stereo) into 6 Ohms, respectively. The output stage can operate from supply voltages ranging from 9 V to 15 V (ADAU1590) or 18 V (ADAU1592).

The ADAU1513 bridge-tied load Class-D power stage can deliver 14 W (stereo) into 8 Ohms with 90% efficiency when driven from the PWM digital outputs on the ADAV4201, ADAV4412 or ADAV4422 audio processor. The power stage comprises thermal and output short-circuit protection with logic-level error flag outputs for interfacing to a system microcontroller along with reset and mute control of the power stage. The ADAU1513 operates from 9 V up to 18 V.

The ADAV4101, ADAV4312, ADAV4322, ADAV4201, ADAV4412 and ADAV4422 audio processors are available now in 80-lead LQFPs and are pin-for-pin and software-register compatible. The ADAU1590, ADAU1592 and ADAU1513 Class-D amplifiers are available now in 48-lead LFCSPs and 48-lead TQFPs.

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