Audio sub-system features programmable PLLs

IDT has launched what it calls the world's first audio subsystem with integrated programmable clock generator for portable applications. This new device aims to minimise board space and reduce system cost through integration, while providing time-to-market advantages by eliminating the need for multiple external crystals and oscillators that could typically involve long lead times.

The ACS42200 family includes a low-power, high-fidelity codec targeted at portable applications such as tablet computers, portable games, personal navigation devices, portable projectors and speaker docks.

The device also integrates four programmable system PLLs for internal and external timing, a DDX class-D speaker amplifier, a true cap-less headphone amplifier, and advanced built-in audio processing capability for 3D, bass and treble enhancement. The four integrated programmable system PLLs are said to be unique to IDT's codec solution and enable the timing management of a system's applications processor, USB interface, secondary audio and other subsystems.

This allows system designers to eliminate large, costly crystals and oscillators that can often cause procurement delays, while the integrated spread spectrum capability can eliminate EMI concerns. In addition, IDT's patented DDX class-D technology is claimed to offer higher efficiency, consuming less power than traditional binary class-D solutions.

This results in a significant improvement in battery life – a critical demand of next generation portable consumer electronics. All of these advantageous features are further complemented by a programmable DSP filter engine that enriches the sound presence through dynamics processing, equalization, speaker protection, and louder volume when using small speakers. IDT says it also offers complete driver support and tuning tools for faster time-to-market with Linux and Android systems, and flexibility in speaker selection and industrial design.

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This article originally appeared on EE Times Europe.

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