Audio system LSIs sound MP3 file playback

San Diego, Calif.&#8212-ROHM's BU9432-C1 and BU9434-C2 audio system LSIs integrate an MP3 decoder, DAC, system controller, USB host controller, and 3-output power supply to facilitate playback of MP3 files contained in flash memory.

The chips can be easily installed in audio equipment such as CD players, mini component stereos, car stereos and portable players. The BU9432-C1 features a headphone amplifier, while the BU9434-C2 incorporates an SD card interface controller, sound effect board and I2 S/SPDIF interface.

Contact the company directly for the product datasheets. The BU9432-C1 (TQFP64V package) is now in production and priced at $5 each (minimum quantity of 1,000). Lead time is 8-10 weeks ARO. The BU9434-C2 (VQFP64 package) will be available at the end of September; mass production begins in December.

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