austriamicrosystems launches process design kit, encoder ICs

PARIS — austriamicrosystems AG announced it has launched an analog/mixed signal high performance process design kit for its 0.35 µm CMOS, high-voltage CMOS and SiGe-BiCMOS technologies. In parallel, the Austria-based company expanded its magnetic sensor product portfolio with two linear Hall sensor ICs.

austriamicrosystems said its HIT-Kit includes silicon-qualified digital, analog and RF library elements as well as characterized simulation models for a large set of simulators, extraction and verification run sets and automatic layout device generators. It is based on Cadence Virtuoso custom design platform.

austriamicrosystems specified that all I/O structures within the design kit are silicon-validated and meet the military ESD and JEDEC latch-up standards. The HIT-Kit supports RedHat EL 3.0, EL 4.0 and Sun Solaris 8, 9 and10 operating systems

In the meantime, austriamicrosystems has introduced start & play incremental linear magnetic encoder ICs that can be used in various motion sensing applications found in medical, industrial and consumer products. The AS5304 and AS5306 ICs, noted the Austrian company, feature its line of magnetic encoders for linear and off axis motion sensing applications.

“The measurement performance and reliability of motion control systems employing traditional optical encoder sensors can be severely impacted by dirt, dust and grime contaminants,” stated Matjaz Novak, marketing director Industry & Medical at austriamicrosystems.

Novak added: “Due to the principles of magnetic sensing, the AS5304 and AS5306 encoder ICs are immune to these contaminants and can therefore significantly contribute to a higher reliability of motion control application.”

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