Austriamicrosystems : Magnetic encoder IC targets automotive applications

Austriamicrosystems has expanded its magnetic rotary encoder portfolio with the AS5145, a 12-bit encoder IC especially designed for the growing demands in automotive.

The AS5145 is a contactless, complete system-on-chip magnetic rotary encoder for accurate angular measurement over a full turn of 360° with a resolution of 0.0879° = 4096 positions per revolution. This digital angle data is available using a simple serial interface or as PWM signal. In addition, an incremental quadrature output mode with an improved interpolation algorithm can be enabled and permanently programmed with a resolution of 10 up to 12 bits. Due to the higher noise performance the accuracy is further improved.

“'Boost the precision of your rotation' was the vision behind the new device AS5145 whose target applications include transmission/gear box solutions where high accuracy in a harsh environment is required”, commented Bernhard Czar, Marketing Director Automotive at austriamicrosystems. “The AS5145 also performs excellently in headlight position control units and fits perfectly into torque and valve position sensing applications. With the AS5145, austriamicrosystems expands its encoder portfolio with the next premium encoder for automotive sensing applications.”

Besides all standard features of austriamicrosystems' encoder family such as user-specific zero programming, Chip-ID and diagnostic functions for the correct positioning of the magnet, the AS5145 additionally provides a special feature to synchronise external electronics with itself as well as a Sin/Cosine digital output mode. If this mode is activated, a 16 bit sinus and 16 bit cosines digital data of both channels will be switched out and an accurate calculation can be done externally.

For cascading multiple devices, a “Daisy Chain” mode is implemented allowing position data to be read out over the serial two-wire-bus. An internal voltage regulator allows the AS5145 to operate at either 3.3 V or 5 V supplies. Despite the wide ambient temperature range of up to 150°C, no additional temperature compensation and calibration of the device is required. The AS5145 is available in a lead-free SSOP-16 package.

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