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Jonathan Harris

Single Event Effects (SEEs) with High Speed ADCs: Single Event Transient (SET), Part 2

Jonathan Harris
8/14/2018 6:58:06 PM
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Re: hi
Hi Paul, if you are referring to the test setup diagram this is simply how the device is connected to perform the radiation testing.  The application circuit would look different and would depend on the particular application that the ADC is being used for, i.e. communications, test/measurement, radar, etc.

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There are many screening steps performed on space qualified components. In this installment we will pick up at step 18 with Group A screening.
Space screening for the standard space product offerings which include products such as ADCs, DACs, comparators, amplifiers, voltage references, switches, isolators, regulators, and attenuators
Designs for space applications are commonly created with mission life expectations reaching 15 to 20 years and even longer in some cases
Id like to take a step back from the details and specifics related to radiation testing and focus a bit on some of the reasons that advanced testing and screening is performed on space qualified products.
Technically an SET could also be considered as an SEU for a high speed ADC since it is likely that an ion strike could cause an SEU that results in a transient event that we would call an SET.
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