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Jonathan Harris

Why All This Stringent Testing?

Jonathan Harris
8/14/2018 6:54:57 PM
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Re: Space qualified components
Hi Jean Luc, thanks for the great comments.  Indeed there is a lot of design put into the thermal management of a satellite.  Also, the temperature range inside the satellite that the electronics and such is exposed to is typically much less.  In my experience I see requests for desired temperature ranges from -55C to +125C for components. In practice the environment is likely kept to a more limited range to provide margin to help ensure long lifetimes.  Again, great comments, thanks!

Jean Luc.Suchail
Jean Luc.Suchail
8/1/2018 8:37:04 AM
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Space qualified components
Even though the external of a satellite is submitted to extreme temperatures, spacecrafts have a thermal design that ensures the temperature range the equipments inside will have to face will be range typical -25 to +55 degC. Life of components in space - from a thermal point of view - will be less severe than under an engine cap of a car. However design must take care that the equipments operate in high vacuum, therefore dissipation of heat generated from the component has to be managed properly.

When we perform thermal vac tests on satellites, the thermal model and operation of the electronics is validated.

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