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Dennis Feucht

Can We Put Other Instruments on a Chip? Part 2

Dennis Feucht
D Feucht
D Feucht
10/30/2013 11:29:24 PM
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Error Correction in Article
Ach, the equation giving the rising amplitude of a TWG with frequency should have been

1 + 4t sub d/T sub ideal

As the total delay time in a triangle-wave cycle, of 4*t sub d, becomes significant relative to the cycle period without any delay in it, or T sub ideal, the amplitude increases because once a peak is detected (which occurs twice in each cycle) the loop takes some time to shut off the on current source and turn the off source on, to reverse the slope of the waveform. The amount of time taken as overshoot must be "undone" going in the opposite direction until the waveform is back to where the peak should have been. And that is a total of 2*t sub d, where t sub d is the delay time. This happens for both peaks - hence the 4 multiplying t sub d in the equation.

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